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Dry Dry Dry

Ok so I missed my 3 day mark for posting. But any ways here goes. I have officially finished week one of treatment. So far the most significant side effect has been dry lips. So dry that I am considering buying stock in chapstick! Actually I have been using the Aquaphor as suggested. My skin is really dry and weird on my face. My makeup looks terrible after about 3 hours, almost to the point where I should probably just wash my face and start all over. That's not going to happen though. And no makeup is not an option. So I am just using a really good moisturizer and touching up the best I can.

I am feeling a little more tired than usual but I am also very busy so I may just be more cognicent of the fact my life is so chaotic.

My chin is broke out pretty bad right now and I am getting a pretty deep nasty pimple on my cheek. Hopefully it just goes away soon and doesn't get too inflamed. For now concealer is still working so I will stick with it.

Other than that things are good.


Tomorrow's the day!

Well I went to do my first set of labs on Friday. My results came in and I am clear to begin treatment . My Dermatologist has called in my prescription and I have answered the questions on the IPLEDGE website. My prescription is for 40mg of Claravis. I can pickup my prescription on Monday since the Kaiser Pharmacy is closed on the weekends.

This couldn't have happened at a better time! My breakouts have steadily worsened since December. I am going to take the medication at night because that's the only time I am going to be able to remember to do it. My work and school schedule are just dizzying!

I have completed my shopping list and am soooo ready to start this and be over this awful acne.

I plan on updating on Wednesday since that will be two days into treatment.

See everyone soon!


I am posting this for anyone else taking the journey or just so someone else can compare.

I think this will be therapeutic in a way so pardon me if it seems like I am writing to myself

My dermatologist is starting me on Accutane in February and told me I would be on it for 7 months. I did my pregnancy test on Tuesday the 5th and have to go back for labs and another pregnancy test in a month before my prescrip. is filled.

I am a little nervous but glad to hopefully put acne behind me.

Here is a little bit about my journey up to this point.

I am 27 (will be 28 in a couple of months). I have had acne since I was 13. I do not have severe acne but it is persistent. Mostly I get very painful lesions and some very deep ones that take forever to heal. My main problem areas are my back, neck, shoulders, chin and cheeks. My forehead is manageable most of the time. I am like everyone else here in that I have used and tried everything on the market. I have used the following meds with the side effects listed

First round of treatment through Derm

(all these together at once)

Benzaclyin---Dried my face out like the Sahara!

Doxycyclin--Was on it for 2 months and developed yeast infections back to back

Retin-A--- Burned my skin so badly I couldn't stand the medications going on let alone moisturizer to combat my scaly, flaky parched skin! Needless to say nothing got better. Only broke out far worse and more painful than before.

Second round of treatment through Derm

(all of these together at once)

Derm figured the first round of treatment was too invasive for my sensitive skin

Finacea---No side effects other than my skin felt a little tacky

Clindamycin---Smells like dog food and makes my skin itch a little

Differin--No dryness, redness or peeling.

With so many topicals plus moisturizer and makeup my skin feels like it is suffocating!

First 4 months skin cleared up. Stayed clear for about 2 months and then just recently started breaking out again on my chin with very painful acne that will not heal. Right before seeing the Derm this time around I can say that my neck, chin, temples, shoulders and back are all broke out and very painful and sensitve.

My skin care arsenal consists of philosophy products. I use Hope in Jar mositurizer, Purity made simple cleanser, and Microdelivery Exfoliating Wash. I also have a Clarisonic ( I do not use this with the exfoliator). I use an intense therapy lip treatment nightly.

The only thing that I can think that I may have to stop using is the Exfoliating wash and my Clarisonic once I begin treatment.

I will be going to the store on Saturday and picking up other essentials that I am going to need.

Nasal Spray-Don't need any nose bleeds

Pocket tissues-in case of a nosebleed

Fish Oil supplement- Heard this helps for potential joint pain. I have some pain in my right knee that I have had for about 10 years from 3 separate injuries. I want to make sure I do not aggravate it any more during this. I still have to check with Dr. first to see if she approves of it.

Neosporin Lip Health- heard this is a must!

Refillable water bottle

Infusium leave in hair moisturizer-For dry hair

That should do it. I have everything else that is needed. I have PLENTY of lotion so no problems there. If I think of anything else I will update.

This will be interesting to say the least but I am so excited and just as nervous.

I plan on updating this at minimum every 2 to 3 days or whenever something happens that needs to be written down.

Good luck to me!

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