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So I finally went to the pharmacy to pick up my antibiotic that I'll be using until I start up Accutane. I know it will take a couple of weeks before I can even tell if it's helping at all. . .but goodness do I hope it helps out some. My face isn't horrible right now but I do have a party going on the ride side of my face and I have a hard time resisting to pick!! My boyfriend told me that he's going to be getting Martin Luther King's day off and asked if I'd want to come out there for the weekend since he doesn't know when he'll get another 3 day weekend. Such short notice but I hate to turn down an opportunity to see him. I don't get Martin Luther King's day off. . .which means I'll have to use more vacation. . . .but he's totally worth it. Soooo that means I may be flying out there next Fri-Mon. . . lets hope my face calms down some before then. .

Besides that. . not much to mention. It's super freakin cold out here today!


I'm a 25 year old female that's been dealing with mild to moderate acne for about 7-8 years now. My face broke out some in high school, but it'd be like 1 or 2 zits here and there. . .nothing like now.

After my face decided to flare up like crazy, I made an appointment to see my dermatologist. I'm currently taking Solodyn and Spironolactone daily . . and have been for awhile. Every 3-4 months I've been going in to see my derm and she's been switching up the antibiotics. . .and normally it will help my skin out some. We had discussed me starting Accutane about a year ago, but all the side effects freaked me out so I said I wanted to stick with antibiotics for now. Sooooo today I went in determined to leave there knowing I'd be starting Accutane in the near future. They went ahead and put me in the iPledge system and I did the urine test (negative) and I have an appointment in 4 weeks (Feb. 3) to do the blood work and make my final decision. . .even though I already know I want to do it. At this point I'm just so fed up with my skin and taking so many different pills!! For my waiting period she's putting me on Bactrim. . .haven't been on that one yet so we'll see. I'm going to the pharmacy tomorrow to pick it up. . so I'll be starting it then.

I'm ready to start Accutane! I want to be done with the break outs!! Luckily my boyfriend is super understanding during all of this. . .especially since I'm so embarrassed about how I look right now. He's amazing!! :wall: Truly my hero!! He's currently going through Marines training right now. . . so I'm sure the stress of him being away doesn't help with my skin.

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