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Burning AngeL

Okay so today I've decided to start one of my new year resolutions.

I've set myself a few this year to keep me.. well, not really busy as most of them aren't physical, but they'll definitely make an improvment to my body! ... Hopefully.

So my main resolution is to get rid of this darn acne. I did get rid of it for a couple of months... But then the stress of moving back to the UK and things not going my way have just brought it back again.

From now on I'm going to drink as much water as I can (have started buying 1.5L bottles so I can see how much I'm drinking), start taking multivitamins (I bought Centrum but then found out the Hair, Skin, and Nail pills have the same vitamins? So shall be buying them from now on), cut out all the crap I eat (I must say I eat healthy already, just need to cut out all the snacking!), and joining the gym to imporve my fitness as I've head that works too.

So with my regime I'm not going to change much, I don't want to use too much on my sensitive skin. I only use Simple products at the moment, I use the face wash, then I use pure Aloe Vera Gel afterwards, then moistorize with Simple stuffs. In the evening I do the same, except I apply a thin layer of Sudocrem after moistorizing.

I'm thinking of using Baking Soda now as I've heard positive reviews about it, but I'm a bit scared that it'll really irritate my skin :/

But oh well.

I'm going to start posting progress pictures as well, maybe. Not sure if I want to share my face with the world!

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