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Day 2

Still have red spots all over my forehead and in between my eyes from extractions! The ones on my forehead are starting to scab up. Pimple on my left brow is starting to flatten out and the painful one is a little less painful. The scabby one on my right brow peeled off and left a scar =( Seems like the bumps under the surface are more dried up..experienced some dryness by my nose and the side of my cheeks...need to put more moisturizer on tomorrow and tonight! No new pimples...good sign!


Day 1

Went for a consultation at Face Reality with Julie. I have non-inflamed acne (hardest to cure, yay?) She said it should take about 3 months to clear up. It turns out the Eucerin SPF 30 and First Aid Beauty moisturizer had pore clogging ingredients..boo. The extractions hurt! A tear rolled down my cheek...lol. So currently, I have one giant pimple on my left brow, one healing on my right brow, and a painful cyst on the my right brow as well. The scarring on my nose is still dark, and I have a bunch of zits healing on my chin (about 4). Scarring on my right lip. My forehead is all spotty from the extractions still.

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