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Day by Day Challenge to Stop Picking my Skin.

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Skin Picker

Day 2

So Day 2 is almost over. So... I should probably update this.

Today didnt go so hot.. A lot of picking. I couldnt pull myself away from the mirror.

Picking your skin only makes the acne ten times worse. I need to keep telling myself that. I think its just the relief i get from finally getting the gunk out of my pores that makes me feel good about myself. I need to keep telling myself that picking makes things worse, and hurts, and you are much stronger if you combat your urges.

I can do this. I am not insane. Venting on a blog does help. Lets keep this up Andrea, no need to beat yourself up for not having a good no-picking day.

Good Luck :wall: You got this.

Skin Picker

Day 1

Ok... so I've started many blogs before. Buuuuuut, i've never stuck with them.

So ive made a promise to myself that I will update this blog daily.

I have GOT to stop picking my face.

I've had this problem for 4 years now, and it takes up so much time.

I am addicted to pinching and picking at every single pore on my body.

My plan today:

---sit on my hands if i realize they are (unconsciously) touching my face or back.

---cover all mirrors with blankets

---resist the urge to scratch skin, because this leads to touching.. and touching my skin leads to picking

i have confidence in myself. i can do this. you've got this Andrea. you are a strong, beautiful, responsible woman and you don't need to pick AT ALL.

lets do this. :wall:

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