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Here goes nothing

Okay, so. Starting a blog. Not sure if i'm doing it right. If i'm not, bear with me.

So, I'm not really sure when exactly I started the regimine, around the beggining of December though. So i'm gonna say i'm at almost a month.

When I first started my skin dried and flaked, and I got some large deep very painful zits. I toughed it out and my skin CLEARED. :wall: I had not a single break out for like, 2 weeks! Which for me, was incredible.

Then, Christmas rolled around, and i'm not sure what did it, overeating, lack of exercise, stress, or increasing my BP (now past the pad of my finger) but I broke out. :wall: It started with one on my forehead by my hairline, and while that one is going away, I now have a nice big one directly under my left nosrtil, a tiny one above my lip and a medium size one out from that on my cheek. I could take one of them, but the line they make looks ridiculous. The big one under my nose is painful so I can't just forget about it. I'm going back to school tomorrow from break and I really just wanted to look GOOD and this is really getting to me. I can't even sit and watch the hockey game because I can't get my mind off of my face! I guess it's just because things were looking so good, I got my hopes up. I understand that this is probably just a minor breakout and it'll get better again, but right now, I could cry. I hate going to school and having this on my mind all day along with everything else. So, i'm just dreading tomorrow. :wall:

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