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Help me please!!

I have had acne off and on since i was in high school i am now 23! i should of grew out of this a long time ago. I grew up in new jersey and about two years ago moved to California which only made my acne worse. i have been to many doctors that do not seem to be helping my acne. Right now i use differin gel and an antibiotic called EERY.. i was on Accutane which did work for a while but i started to brake out again.. i must of spent thousand's of dollars on almost any acne treatment you can think of! i just bought the new therma clear ( like zeno ) but it doesn't seem to be doing anything but give me whiteheads ( and i am a PICKER) I use only the best makeup for acne and oily skin but nothing seems to help!!

PLEASE I NEED HELP!!! i hate waking up in the morning and seeing my self without makeup!!! when i have clear skin i feel and act like a new person but when i do have a bad brake out i dont even wanna walk out of my room...

if you know something i dont PLEASE help me !!! :pray:

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