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Documents the trials of various acne treatments

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Vitamin D

I am hoping to start vitamin D today. I just thought of something this morning. My skin tends to stay clearer in the summer. I always thought it was because I was less stressed, but now I'm thinking it might be the extra vitamin D from all the sun exposure. So, I'm hoping vitamin D will help my skin. :wall: If not, then its still a healthy choice because vitamin D increases calcium absorption for stronger bones, and lord knows a cross country runner needs strong bones. Its a win-win situation. :wall:


Green tea

I have started drinking green tea today. So far I have had three teacup-fuls. Hopefully the caffeine won't make me totally wired or give me a headache( I have a very low tolerance to it.) I've also started on fish oil, zinc and a multivitamin. I don't have any vitamin D right now, but I'll probably get some tomorrow.


So last night I dug up my old tube of queen Helene mint julep masque and tested it as a spot treatment on one of my zits. I woke up in the morning to see the pimple in basically the same state as before, but surrounded with red where the masque had been applied. Now this was far from the skin-clearing miracles I read about on its review page. :wall: Perhaps I applied too much, or kept it on too long. I think I will start a new conversation on the message boards. Perhaps I will give it another chance some other time. But not on this zit, it is much too irritated. :wall:


My Regimen


-With breakfast:

~drink green tea

~take 1 multivitamin, 30-50 mg zinc, 1 fish oil capsule

-wash face

-rinse with green tea

-apply benzoyl peroxide


-Drink green tea

-mint tea if I have a meet or strenuous practice (for max. hydration)


-With dinner:

~drink green tea

~Take 2 fish oil tablets, 1000 IU of zinc

-wash face in shower

-apply benzoyl peroxide

Drink water throughout the day

Wear sunscreen on runs

Document any skin sins on my blog. (see 'documenting my sins')


I'm thinking of taking some new dietary supplements to aid in my regimen. so, here's my daily plan for supplements:


1 women's multivitamin

1 30-50 mg tablet of Zinc

1 fish oil tablet


2 fish oil tablets

1000 IU of Vitamin D3

I'm dividing it in to day and night because I don't like taking a bunch of pills at once. Plus, I don't have a lot of time in the mornings. This way I take three in the morning, three at night.


More Info on Tea

I can't seem to find much info. on red tea, accept that it contains AHA and vitamin something.. can't remember and now I can't find it again. Also, spearmint tea slows hair growth, so that's good.

Caffeine content (high to low):





Green vs. Black

-Green has more antioxidants

-Black is a stronger androgen inhibitor

-Black stains teeth

-Green has less caffeine

As of now, I'll probably opt for green in the morning and at lunch, and mint at night just because I already have those. But I will definitely be open to other options when I run out. Especially red, the AHA and vitamin whatever sounds awfully good.


I just read the review on queen Helene mint julep masque. ( I used to use it, but never thought of using it as a spot treatment. So I then thought "oh! I better start using it again", only to realize that the store I bought it from, longs drugs store, was replaced with a CVS which, incidentally, doesn't carry the masque. Alas, 'tis better to have loved and lost than to never have loved at all...

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