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aira evangeline

St Ives

My skin type is Combination, and St Ives products work really well with my skin.

I have to say that my face does feel clean, fresh, and doesn't dry out my skin.

On the other hand it doesn't eliminate my acne, but prevents it just the same as warm water and soap...

My recommendations are to use it as a wash, but don't get hopeful that it would work for your acne.

aira evangeline

Oxy Wash Maximum

This is my first post, not really sure how to use everything so please bare with me...My first topic would be the use of Oxy Wash Maximum. Its affordable, yes... but know when to use it!I have been using the Oxy Face Pads for a few years now, they work pretty well but on the back it suggests using the Face Wash and Spot Treatment. I recently bought the Face Wash and Spot Treatment, for a few days they have been working really well and my face is so clear! (I also use moisturizer so my face doesn't dry out).Now with the Face wash my face is so dry and it feels burnt, like I have dry scales on my face.... My nerdy brother said he wanted to slay me because I look like a dragon (Have to admit that is HILARIOUS)... I imagine its what girls who tan a lot have to deal with :SAnd the Spot Treatment doesn't work as fast as it says (took 2 days to clear up small pimples) but I would say its worth buying.I would'nt reccomend using all 3 products around the same time, Maybe try the Face Wash in Summer when skin tends to be more Oily than Winter when it drys out. And use moisturizer! It is your best friend :]

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