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Jitters all the way!!!

Hi!!! :wall:

I am Preet. 25 yrs old from India. Over the yrs I always thought that I was blessed with the best skin ever. In school I would hear my friends talking about 'passion pimple' and I would feel so sorry for them.

It was not untill few months back that I wan't that blessed after all. Around 6 months back I started having severe acne on my cheek and chin. Initially I never bothered doing anything about it as I thought it just temporary and would go away by itself. But unfortunately that did not happen. I took an appointment with a local Doc. I was given Benzol Peroxide cream to apply on the pimples and some antibiotics. It did cure me for the time being but as I finished my 1 month course, my acne relapsed.

Just two days back I went this another doctor who has prescribed me Docutan 20 mg. He took my blood test and said it was completely safe for me to start my treatment.

Immediately I googled Docutan and got lots of information regarding the medicine. But now having heard and read about the side effects for taking this medication, I am having second thoughts. I am a bit confused...Is it actually worth it!!! :wall:

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