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Oh dear jokes on me again =[

So its been a bit over a week now since I last made an entry and boy how things have changed.

The day after I had written my first entry I had a breakout 7 white heads and three big bumps on chin, and my skin was super oily on wakeing. After nearly two/three weeks with near perfect skin (minus red marks) I was going back to where I started. The only thing I can think off to cause that breakout was drinking about three 'swiss miss' chocolate drinks that my dad had just brought back home from the states..also I was drinking them with home made whipped cream...that must of been the only thing to cause that breakout.

Now I always have dairy products, milk, chesses, chocolate, butter so I couldn't understand why all of a sudden that whipped cream gave me a breakout. Anyways so the day after that I thought Fuck this Im giving up dairy, I had no dairy untill thursday so 5 days without dairy, and I had no new breakouts on my face...so Thursday afternoon in a weak moment of 'oh fuck it its the holidays' i had a 'milky way' bar, I went to bed about 10ish i think, i woke up about 3:00am to go to the toilet, so i look in the mirror of course and there on my face was about three whitheads begining to pop up on my forehead and another two near my chin..

This is Crazy!! I tried giving up dairy and sweets about a year ago and I saw no change in my skin, yeah I was still smoking then but if i had an allergy to dairy and sweets i would of seen a change in my skin if I gave them up wouldn't I..

Ive no idea whats going on right now, do you think that since giving up smoking my body has decided to screw me over, or maybe it was masking or hiding certain allergys...i just dont know.

So obvisley since thursday Ive had no dairy and its now tuesday and Ive had no new breakouts..

I cant believe acne is taking away all these things from my life that I love, a morning milky coffee and cereal i know i can have soy milk but I dont like it at all.

So if any of you guys has ideas on this dairy allergy thing I would apreciate your thoughts so much, thank you

catch up soon



Acne works in weird ways...

Right Guys I wanna tell you my story of my acne and smoking. I begun experimenting with smoking when i was 14/15 I mean like 1 cigarette a week, maybe 2 or maybe 2 in one month. I only had the odd pimple like most 14/15 yr olds, I didn't have oily skin, no blackheads just one pimple every now and then...nothing major.

So once college started in september 2005 when I was 16 I begun smoking about 5 a day only on college days not at weekends (to look cool/fit in I guess lol) then the death of my brother had me leave college and it was then I would never touch a cigarette untill september 2006. In that time Acne started to take hold, I had an oily t-zone and red inflammed pimples all over my face mostley t-zone. I used loads of products nothing worked. from march to september 2006 I had a job in Garden Centre in a boiling hot green house Im sure that didn't help matters.

So when I re-started college in September 2006 my acne had decreased loads, I didn't really have oily skin and I could get away with not washing my hair every day. But about 2 weeks in to college I begun smoking then my acne came back just as bad as it was in the summer it carried on really bad untill summer 2007 when it started to lessen and I was smoking more than ever by then 20 a day every day (total addict) so about september 2007 when i was starting yr 2 of college it started to get bad again, all summer my acne wasn't that bad very light in fact but then in september it started to get really bad the worse Id ever had...my diet hadn't changed at all, i still smoked 20 a day and I couldn't understand at all why it was so bad. I wasn't stressed, I was popular, got good grades had fantastic friends.

By early 2008 acne had started to take its toll on my sef asteem, I became more and more shy, never looked people in the eye...I just became very closed off and unhappy. Then came summer 2008 acne was a little better I guess no big changes..started to lessen as summer came to a close.

September 2008 first year of uni, my acne wasn't that bad, quite mild....I felt happier, more conifident, new friends, new place, new life...new beginning.

Then began the nightmare. By October 2008 my acne was worse than it had ever been in my life, and I hit rock bottom. No changes in my diet by the way or smoking. So by October I wasn't going into uni at all, I saw less and less of my new friends...only did my shopping at night in case my friends saw me in daylight. I lived on campus by the way...this was the worst though. My bedroom window faced the outside smoking bench, so i would wait and wait looking out my window unitll the people had left the bench then I would run down the stairs and outside to have a quick smoke then run back in. i would only do my laundry at night when the laundry room was empty. I became a hermit. From October to December I must of been into uni 3 times. Also on the the 27th of November I broke up with my boyfriend of two years I just couldn't handle someone so close to my heart being so close to my face, it made my stomach churn every time he looked at me or kissed me. I just cant believe looking back that Acne took away from me the only good thing in my life at that time.

In this time October to December i changed my diet and my face products. I gave up coffee and tea, only drank water, only ate fruit and vedge, i was never a big junk eater anyway but I gave up what little junk food I ate, I started useing Dermalogica. From the moment I started useing their products the shit hit the fan, I just thought i was breaking out due to my skin being detoxed and then it would clear forever, boy was I wrong. I was breaking out all along my jaw line, my neck, big cysts on my chin. I looked terrible. Dermalogica?? Derma-fucks you up-logica...bastards.

So over the christmas break I ditched Dermalogica and went back to the 'simple' line I'd used them from 2007. My acne started to decrease...a bit but I was still breaking out on my jawline and neck places I never used to break out untill dermalogica. In the Christmas break I decided to quite smoking, I lasted 4 days lol I was still on my diet by the way and on the 4th day I had no new pimples come up and my skin looked healthier. So like a fool i said to myself or rather the nicotene monster said 'yay, you can have a smoke now, your bodys had a little detox' so i had one and didn't stop untill November 27th 2009.

From January 2009 my acne decreased a bit and stayed about the same untill Now it did wean off abit in the summer as allways (quite a pattern their).

So on the 27th of November this year i thought fuck this I wont let acne take away the best years of my life, I could no longer lie to myself that acne wasn't having some impact on my acne. Also that day was important because It was the day I broke up with my bf so I had to use that as insentive to never smoke again, never let this soul destroying disease ruin my life for one more day.

So its now December 26th 2009 and needles to say myface looks 97% better, from the second week I noticed no new breakouts and the pimples i did have cleared up faster and also my face had a glow to it, i guess thats becasue of more oxygen in the blood, more nutriants are gettin to the skin.

At this very moment I have 2 pimples on my face, my face is less oily than it used to be, and that healthy glow seems to be getting better and better each day. I havn't changed my diet at all, For two weeks now Ive been takeing burdock root capsules 6 times a day along with a zinc/vitamin C tablet once a day, Im useing Olay Refreshing face wash followed by Simple oil balancing moisturiser and at night Im applying aloe vera gel wich I sleep in.

Ive found the Aloe vera gel to be really good in reducing the red marks left by acne, thank god I had no deep pitted scars left behind (I never picked).

I know Im not out the woods yet which is why I wanted to do this blog, aslo because now i have hope that its going, its giving me something to look foward to every morning..

Also It would be awsome if anyone could relate to my fight against acne and also have any answers to why my acne got better in the summer..its allways made me wonder because Im not a Sun worshiper, Im never really stressed I work every summer as hard as I did in college or uni so what the fuck? lol

Anyhow I'll write back next week to keep you updated :wall:

Thanks for reading


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