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Birth Control

So I'm in the process of switching birth controls. I have a hunch that my breakouts (although not always huge) are probably due to an imbalance with my hormones. I started getting really bad breakouts around this time last year including occasional cysts on my cheeks and tons of blackheads/whiteheads. It got so bad that I wouldn't even leave my dorm without a face full of makeup. It was depressing and for the first time in my life I was not my usual confident, outgoing self. Around the same time that I started getting breakouts in places I had never had them before (cheeks) I had started taking Yaz. I thought that Yaz would make my slightly imperfect skin perfect and that was a huge mistake. I blamed my acne on the fact that I was smoking weed but I have since quit that for months and months and still get breakouts. Overall, I have decided that Yaz might be part of the problem and on top of that I'm almost positive that it has a part in causing my depression (lack of motivation, apathy, lack of interest, etc). Im going back to the birth control I was on when I had really clear nice skin, Ortho Tri-Cyclen. This birth control is not only FDA approved to help fight acne but it has worked for me in the past so hopefully it'll work again. I keep posting my progress and pictures as things go. :(


Egg White Mask & Zinc

So I had a pretty bad breakout a couple days ago and I'm not going to lie, I've really been avoiding going out or seeing anyone (I would wear makeup but even mineral makeup makes me gets breakout). Anyhow I decided to try an egg white mask to help speed up the healing process and maybe reduce some redness. I also decided to add some zinc into my regimen to see if maybe it helps a little. I really think the holistic approach is the most effective when it comes to dealing with my acne and I hope that these new things I'm trying will help some. Ill post again soon with results, and hopefully my skin will be clear-ish before school starts back up (in two weeks...eek!)

Wish me luck


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