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Like so many others, for 10+ years I have struggled with my skin and I'm only 26! I have jumped with excitement and went to sleep on the ropes of a miracle that when I awake, my face would be clear as crystal after cashing out on all the self-proclaim "best" acne products out there, from Proactiv, Murad, Clean & Clear, Neutrogena, Duac, natural online herbal supplements, and soooo many others. I'm not saying these products don't work for all, but they certainly did nothing for me!

I've come to the point where I realize I have to take control of this situation, first by understanding what acne is, what type I have, its causes, and pledge full commitment to treating it the best I can with proper care, attention, and medicine. That lead me to see a dermatologist because I realized I needed stronger prescription meds to combat this evil acne. :wall: War against acne has begun and I plan on winning!

With a combination of clindamycin 1% pedgets, differin gel, and doxycicline pills the results have been AWESOME!! Having acne woes for over 10 yrs my face has never looked better. Only a week has gone by since I've started clindamycin, but with immediate use of it my skin became sooo smooth and existing breakouts were quickly diminishing. I love it! (NOTE: I've been using differin and the doxy pills for a few months now) This is only the beginning and I still have a long way to go, but I'm getting there and couldn't be happier. That being said, I read alot of user reviews on acne products, their experiences, their woes, etc and really wanted to share some of mine. In addition to prescription meds (if that's the case for you as is in mine), there are a few other tidbits that I wanted to share as part of my acne combat that I think is very important, but sometimes overlooked. Take it as you may, agree to disagree, just know this is what I have found helpful to me and hopefully it will to you, but to each it's own.


1. Drink plenty of water - many meds even indicate to drink water when taking them and if you're smart enough, you'll do it. Remember these meds come with specific instructions for your own benefit so if you really want to see results then simply follow the instructions. Besides, drinking water can't hurt you, it can only help so why not. I'm sure you're all well aware of the benefits water has, so look at it this way, drinking it is just becomes a liquid consumption for nourishment and sustenance for your skin, as part of your armor in your fight against acne.

2. Wash hands before and in between applying meds - you probably dont think about it, but we pick up and touch so many things and we carry germs on our hands all day everyday. Imagine touching money, doors, taking out the trash, eating a greasy pizza, and then we're using those same hands to touch and wash our face - and their not clean -> Gross! It's a small step but an important one. Wash hands before you start and I even recommend washing in between applying different meds. I personally like to have a set of clean hands before applying each application of a different topical cream/lotion/sponge, etc. It's really not a big effort or strain to do so just another couple seconds that I'm in still in the bathroom.

3. Be consistent with routine - its very important and wise to make and maintain a consistent routine in your acne application so that it kinda becomes habitual. I do my facial cleaning right after taking a shower/bath. The steam and heat from that opens up my facial pores, not too mention since I'm already in the bathroom cleaning my body, might as well clean the face. Very convenient, otherwise its easy to forget, slack off, or just become lazy to do it. Since I have to take pills as part of my regiman (2 pills a day), I take one in the morning and one in the evening and I take them right after my meals breakfast and dinner - that way I don't forget it, their taken at about the same time everyday, and it becomes consistent.

4. Be patient!!! It takes TIME!! - yes we all would just love to go to the doctor or local drug store, get that new pill/cream/lotion/toner, etc apply it that night and when we awake in the morning our face is absolutely flawless? Well wake up because in reality that doesn't happen and the first step in whatever acne regiman you have is to know and understand that simple fact. It takes time for your face or your body to get accustomed to a new foreign element/treatment in/on your body. I say with any new product to give it 12-16 weeks (3-4 months) to see results. Sometimes you notice alot sooner and other times that may still not be long enough. It kills me sometimes when I read user reviews and comments about acne products or user regiman and alot of times it is never explicity clear as to how long that person has been using the product, if that person is strictly following the rules/procedures given by the medicine or the doctor, or if they use the product every now and then or only when they remember to right before a big date or special occasion. Who knows! It can then be depressing (at least it has for me) to read that and think "oh, well I guess that medicine or treatment doesn't work. NEXT!" Just know that every body is different and will respond differently to acne treatment/meds even if it's the same product you're using! I've already read several comments from people using the same products as me and they have negative results whereas I have been experiencing very positive results. From my own experience I think it's good to read other user reviews on these topics to give yourself an idea, but ultimately you shouldn't compare "them" to you. I like to read them, maybe take a little new info from this person, try this suggestion from that person, possibly incorporate it in my own regiman but still strictly follow my routine and given directions.

I hope this helps. It has for me but I'm still in the battle with you guys fighting for clearer skin! I hope even if you've heard this all before or have experienced completely different results than what I have just discussed above, you still either learn something new, gain a different perspective or attitude on this that you can carry in your own personal fight, or maybe share this post with someone else. I don't know. If nothing else, take it as this: I'm just another person in the millions with the same situation as you and am soaking in and sharing information where I see fit. Lending a helping hand. Your choice what to do with it.

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