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ok im tryin to start this accutane log. not quiet sure how. anyways. my history is severe acne runs in my family, the nodules/cysts on the back and everything. males always have had it worse, females not so bad. i started gettin breakouts about 11 on my back. it remained mild and continued to my face and chest as a teenager. always kinda mild. the way my acne behaves is im normally mild/moderate, with etremely large pores on my tzone. each pore is like a crator of some sort. and i produce a ton of oil, and every so often i get super bad breakouts that cover my entire face, neck and chest. i get this one super deep cyst on my right side of my chin that has left a perment deep scar. it comes back to visit about once a year and lasts about a month or two. its more like 3 or 4 cysts forming to make one super zit about a lil over an inch in diameter. so. ive tried all the otc treatments, all the antibiotics ect. i had my worst breakout about 15 months ago when i moved to tx. my entire face, cheecks, neck, nose, jaw, chin, chest, everything was inflammed. since then ive been on diffrent antibioics and deployed to iraq. i found a dematologist here in september. she tried me on another antiboitic for a couple months to prove that they fail. at that time i was mainly broke out at my jawline/neck with the really deep ones. idk what they are officially called. so november she decieds its time for the accutane, i take the blood tests and everything and find out i have to wait another month. fml . damn ipledge. so anyways. i started december 15th. i am 21f, 135 at 20mg 2xdaily. so far im on my 9th day i think. its going pretty well i juess. i take fishoil and vitimain e supplements twice daily and normally drink a ton of water anyways. i excersize alot, and eat healthy. so im hoping i wont get any bad reactions, or get dryed out too bad. im going to try and load some pictures up here soon. the only side effects i have is chapped lips. latley ive been really sluggish in the mornings and have been getting these really weird heachaches. but idk if its from the meds, i have been going to bed kinda late, and i might have headaches cuz ppl around me are getting really sick. i might be catchin what they have. motrin doesnt seem to have any effect thats for sure. oh i also normally moisturize ever morning and night. this morning i skipped it cuz i was running a lil late for work, by this evening my skin has become rediculously itchy, so anyways. thats it for now. ill post up those pics when i get a chance.

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