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Generic Accutane??

Hey everyone,

I just stumbled across this site and decided to become a member.

I've suffered from acne for 3 years now. I got prescribed accutane at 15 for 6 months on 60mg (i might have started on a lower dosage for the first couple months though) it was literally the best thing i ever did, i didnt even want to wear make up at all because i was so thrilled to not have to cover anything up with foundation. My confidence was sky high and i was loving life. My skin was 100% clear for about a year and a half but then it started to come back....

A couple months after i turned 17 i noticed my skin was breaking out all over my cheeks and on my chin and slowly but surely it eventually all came back :wall: i begged my mom to put me back on accutane but she was hesitant because of how severe the drug is but there was no way i was going to let my acne come back after being so clear! She said "wait and see if its just a small phase" sooo i had to wait and wait for 7 MONTHS until she finally agreed to get me accutane again!

Turns out my insurance doesnt cover it so we decided to go the generic route, i started my second round of accutane on 40mg on Oct. 1rst and now its Dec. 23rd and i'm starting 60mg today. My acne got worse these past couple months but i know that is totally normal. Its really starting to clear now :wall:

Lately ive been EXTREMELY depressed, nobody understands how acne ruins your life unless they have it. You are constantly trying to cover it, feeling ugly and insecure and not even wanting to do anything because its just so bad and covering your whole face.

Ive been wondering if anyone else has been getting cravings for fatty foods??? I have and i actually heard if you consume fatty foods with the accutane it works better. Is that true?

I hope im clear soon! I have one more month to go! Hopefully by JAN. 30TH ILL BE CLEAR!!!

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