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Day 16

Ugh I woke up this morning with 2 brand new spots on my chin. Quite downheartening when your skin looked awesome the night before and you were happy lol.

I'm starting to run out of BP so need to phone my derm to get prescribed more. Also I'm running out of tetracycline too so imma ask for more of that.

I wish he'd put me on tane straight away instead of going through this 'maybe' phase with the t-cycline.

Cause either way I will be going on it. Ugh, I feel like crap lol.

Thanks for enduring,

Byeeee xx


Day 11

Happy New Year everyone =D You hope you all had an amazing time and have a great year to come.

Confession: I got wasted on New Year's Eve and cannot remember whether I used my BP or not. I woke up feeling a tad rough and my BP tube was on the floor with the lid off...And my skin was kinda dry but I dunno if that means I used it haha.

Anyway I've told myself I'm never drinking again so I can stay on the regime but we all know how that plan will unfold.

Anyways, my skin is looking much better. The spots that appeared on my right cheek are gone - they've left red marks but nothing I can't deal with - and right now I only have one spot on my chin.

It's weird, when you have a massive spot somewhere, you look in the mirror and think "my face would look great if that went away". Then when it eventually goes away you find something else to complain about and your face doesn't look all that great.

11 days in and my face has finally gotten used to BP. I don't wake up with a red, flaking, itchy face anymore which is, of course, brilliant lol. I'm kinda scared though cause as I start using more BP each time the redness and flakiness might come back, but I'll just have to deal with it.

My one New Year's resolution is to get clear. So it's my main focus. Other than to pass college and get into uni but on a more personal level, getting clear is my ONE resolution.

At this moment in time I feel quite positive about the future. :wall:

I'll update again in a few days =D

Thanks for reading :wall:

Byeee xx


Change It Up

I don't think I'll post daily anymore. I think if I delay the posts then they will not only be less frequent and full of similar content but they will be more positive.

I need to stop thinking about my skin too. The majority of my time spent on the computer is used on Acne.org and it just isn't good for my mental health! XD

So I shall post every few days...if not every other day.

Thank you all so much for reading. It makes this whole journey that bit more worthwhile and inspiring.

Byee xx


Day 5

My skin has never been so dry. I've been putting on so much moisturiser I don't know how much more my face can take. My chin is still dry and flaky and the skin is going all tight and I literally can't open my mouth to talk properly.

Also I have a new spot on my right cheek and it's really big but I have a feeling it's going to go away quickly.

I'm really hoping my skin becomes accustomed to the BP soon and stops going so dry :wall:

I'm going to go out and buy some Jojoba Oil today...If I can. I've never seen it before and I don't like hunting around shops cause I get embarrassed when people see me at a skin aisle in a supermarket for example cause they see my acne and the aisle and make the connection lol.

I'm going to look for a different cleanser as well. One for sensitive skin cause the one I'm using just isn't suitable at all.

On a lighter note...I found and tried the visualisation thing on Acne.org and I have to say it really worked.

But I have to say to anyone who's going to try it: Don't look in a mirror afterwards cause it genuinely made me believe that my skin was clear :L

Thanks you reading :wall:

Byeee xx


Day 4

Day 4.

Improvements! Yaayyyyy. The red marks in my face seem reduced. I don't know whether that's because they are actually fading or because the BP is making my face so red it's mixing with the spot marks XD

Anyways, my face was mega dry today. I didn't go in a shower just in case.

I've been applying moisturiser all day and that's helped but my chin just won't stop drying up. Oh well...It doesn't bother me that much. I've had worse :wall:

The spot above my lip dried up today and like...fell off leaving only a little red mark so that's good :wall:

The one below my lip is also drying up and it'll probably be gone in a couple of days at most.

The one that formed below my eye is almost gone already!

All good news, but there is a spot forming on my right cheek. It's only small and hasn't got a full whitehead yet so it's not that bad...just now.

I am in a good mood today :wall: In general and about my face. I'm kinda excited to see if the products continue to work and to see if I can finally get clear after these 4 years of hell lol.

Thank you for reading :wall:

Byeee xx


Day 3 - Christmas

Hey. So Christmas is over and I have to say I had an amazing day. And I hope you did too :wall:

I havn't done my nightly regime yet but I'm about to cause I am shattered :wall:

So there has been no change really today. Except a blackhead I had under my left eye is turning into a spot and that will be troublesome but after today I really don't care...But no doubt by tomorrow I'll hate the little bugger.

The spots above and below my lips are basically the same as yesterday.

I really need sleep so imma go use my stuff then go to bed.

Will have a more detailed update tomorrow :wall:

Again, I hope you had an amazing Christmas and thanks for reading :wall: xx


OK last post of the day...[before I become addicted to this blog haha]

I am going to write some stuff about me...Just to give you all a background.

Btw I probably won't be able to post tomorrow as it will be Christmas :wall:

Name: Fraser

Gender: Male

Age: 16

Height: 6 foot

Location: Scotland :wall:

I have fair hair and pale skin. Also my skin is so sensitive it's unbelievable. I remember I couldn't even use sensitive suncream cause my skin would mess up with it.

I think it's getting better though....I'm just waiting on this benzoyl peroxide making my face implode :wall: lol.

I'm at college doing Applied Biosciences. And I just got accepted into Glasgow University for a course in Zoology :wall: I'm really excited.

It's my resolution of 2010 to have clear skin before I start uni [in September] Lol.

I LOVE Rihanna. Yeah. I won't go into that cause I'll be here forever.

Lady Gaga comes second.

I'm going to see Gaga in March.

And Rihanna in May :wall:

Would be amazing to have clear skin at both so I can take photos :doubt:

Yeah that's another thing. I just can't be in photos...I hate it. And everyone hates me for it. :L

When I'm older there will literally be no record of my teenage life. Apart from maybe this blog haha.

Anyways that's all yous need to know.

Have an amazing Christmas everyone. And don't get too wrecked at new year :wall:

Byeeee xx


Day 2 - Update :)

Ok so after that last entry I piled a mass load of moisturiser onto my face. [The Nivea Visage Oil-Free Moisturising Fluid]. And the redness in my face drastically reduced :wall:

A few posts ago I said I was thinking about changing my moisturiser but I've grown to love this Nivea stuff now :wall: lol.

I doubt I'll ever have the courage to put photos up. But hey ho maybe one day I will.

Thanks again for reading :wall:

Oh note: I never used my face scrub this morning. I never used anything. Except my moisturiser. So I'm going to see how that works out...

Byeeeeee x


Day 2

So it's Day 2 :wall:

I woke up and my face was looking not bad. Better than yesterday anyway. Maybe it's just coincidence 'cause I doubt the regime is working already.

But I went for a shower and when I came out my face was stinging and was so red it's unbelievable.

This doesn't usually happen so it's probably because of the benzoyl peroxide or something :wall:

Anyways it's been about an hour since my shower and the redness still hasn't gone down. I have a friend coming round in 10 MINUTES! To swap Christmas presents and I'm nervous cause of what she'll think :wall:

OK I take that back, she just came, we swapped presents and I got rid of her quickly :wall:

I'm meant to be going into town today to do some last minute Christmas shopping but I don't think I'll go if the redness doesn't go down.

Anyways updates.....I only have 2 whiteheads. The usual number of blackheads. And obviously the red blotches from previous spots are still there. So no real advances there.

But God, this redness is really getting me down :wall:

I am done.

Thanks for reading :wall:


Still Day 1...

I just decided I'm going to go and get 'Simple Rehydrating Moisturiser'. I heard it isn't light and works well on bad dryness. So I'll give that a try :wall:

I'm also going to look for some Jojoba Oil, it can only be a good thing. I heard it helps clear red marks from old spots, which I have many of :wall: So I'm going to give that a try too.

I'm using all these products from hear-say, so I'm hoping the people on Acne.org are reliable :wall:


Day 1

Hi everyone. I'm new to Acne.org and decided to join as a way to push myself to clear skin. I'm 16 and have had moderate/severe acne for 4 years. Even though I'm this young I already have hyperpigmentation and scarring.

The other day I decided to finally do something about it.

I went to my dermatologist who gave me :

Oxytetracycline [250mg]

PanOxyl [5% Benzoyl Peroxide]

I also bought :

Nivea Visage Oil-Free Moisturising Fluid

But I am thinking of switching to another kind of moistursiser because this one seems a bit too light as my skin gets really dry and flaky....any suggestions?

Anyways, I started using my PanOxyl last night. After reading about it, I have to admit I was scared :wall: I'd heard about people getting redness, itchiness and cracking skin and all sorts. But thankfully, I only need to use it at night.

In the morning I use an exfoliator to remove dead skin cells.

Moving on.

Waking up after my first night using PanOxyl I nervously went over my room and looked in the mirror. Only a slight redness in my cheeks....And flaky, dry skin....But that's to be expected as I get that every morning.

So that was thankful.

I havn't heard very many success stories from using Oxytetracycline pills. I was prescribed 250mg and I take 2 pills twice a day. [so 4 pills every day].

I don't really have much to tell for my first day. I will try and keep this blog updated as much as possible. Even if no one is reading it XD I will update it for my sake and maybe if my regime works...People can look at it for inspiration. But that point will come months in the future...if not at all.

I have to say I'm quite positive for the future. On March 12th I've to back to the derm and I am to be given Accutane. I'm excited about that lol. Yeah the side effects aren't exactly friendly but anyone with acne would be more than willing to go through more than that for clear skin.

OK I'm over and out lol. Thanks for reading :wall:

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