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Well, here we are. I've just ordered dk's kit but seemingly can't be patient enough for the long wait(from 2 to 3 weeks! Yuck!).

Well anyway, I'm being so confident about the BP doing its job(I've used it in the past but not with a successful regimen, rather more randomly and sparingly I might say, however my jolly dermatologist suggested back then), that each time I wake up each morning I'm kind of curios to get to the mirror rather than scared, as I used to be. Curios to see how my skin is doing. It's like if I'm interested in the developments rather than scared of the outcomes. And if a new pimple kicks in, I'm just like mmh interesting... and well? that's all you can do before I definitely curb you once for all? C'mon I know you can do better than that right?.

My acne is being somewhat mild in this period, probably thanks to some periodical but gradual sun exposure I've had about a month ago; but it is slowly coming back as usual that's for sure.

Acne is like a real friend, it always sticks with you no matter what you do to make it go away. Ain't that rather nice of him? I mean IT. :wall:

To me, the only fact that I know there's a somewhat helpful treatment which doesn't involve trusting my derm about putting some random cream on my face, is rather comforting. The fact that I can do something to fight it back, and can do it on my own, is very soothing. Before this, I had to put up with fear of new pustules, and the knowledge of being helpless about that; for my dermatologist is pretty useless nowadays. He just gives me brand new skin washes, and that's about it. He must believe that moderate to severe acne must be cured(and indeed, he prescribed me real treatments back in my teens when my acne was still quite bad), while mild to moderate acne can be nonchalantly ignored.

Well I'll cross-finger for the package to arrive very soon, and meanwhile I'll be reporting progresses of my "before", rather untreated, skin status in here.


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