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Week 5 of regimen

Breakfast: Maple and brown sugar oatmeal, pears and peaches

Lunch: Spinach wrap, cranberry mayo, tomato, lettuce, turkey

Snack: Two bowls (I know) of honey oats cereal with almonds (no milk), applesauce, small cup of fruit juice

Dinner: Red peppers, onions, kielbasa, green smoothie

Status: Woke up this morning, second new pimple from yesterday is more inflamed. A deeper one appeared on forehead :wall: Wtf. Oh well, this is the week of my period, maybe its just hormones? :wall:

ACV, all usual vitamins

ALSO: Skipped a dose of colostrum last night on accident



Week: 5 of regimen

Woke up: One more pimple next to the one I had yesterday (small)

The one from yesterday gets progressively more red and swollen throughout the day

I popped it. Put pressure on it to prevent redness (my skin always gets red anyway)


Breakfast- applesauce, multigrain pancakes with blueberries, a few hash-browns

Lunch- Broccoli casserole with ritz crackers butter and velveeta cheese

Snacks- Random sips of green smoothie

Dinner- Tomato soup, green beans with almonds

Snack- Pineapple chunks

All my usual vitamins....good luck for tomorrow, self!

The Acne.org Regimen
The Acne.org Regimen
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