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So its almost been 2 years since I last posted on Acne.org and kind of feel that I owe the community something after it helped me so much in my time of need.

First off my name is Tim and in January 2010 i started a years course of accutane finishing this January gone (2011). My dosage at first was 20mg which then rose to 60/80mg then gradually back down towards the end of my treatment. I found life on accutane very, very hard. The drug is a BITCH, but at times we need a bitch to put us right and my god did accutane put me and my skin right. There were times when I was on the drug where I cried. I remember the worst feeling was after about 6 months: From reading all about peoples accutane experience on acne.org the general idea I got was that the course was about 6 months. Not for me. My dermatologist took the opinion that I should drive every last trace of acne from my body. So at around 7-8 months I would go and see him having maybe one spot and he would say 'we will give it another month'. Another month of hell as far as I was concerned. I was at the opinion that hey my acnes pretty much gone why are you putting me and my body through this?! Months 9-10 go by and I'm back again to see him and again he sends me away with a fresh prescription of accutane. Months 11-12 and I go to see him expecting once again to be send away with a fresh box of pills, but to my delight he said I think thats enough. At that moment I felt the weight of the whole world had been lifted of my shoulders and I could finally start a new chapter of my life. With the befit of hindsight I can not be more grateful to my dermatologist for pushing me on through a prolonged course of treatment.

So in January 2011 I started my new chapter. This new chapter has been just as difficult though. Before my acne I was a very sociable person who was never afraid to have all the attention on me. That all changed once acne took its grip upon me. Once accutane cleared it up new problems emerged. My skin (especially my face) would always be red which I absolutely resented. This drove me into a social recluse with only a few friends, a recluse without girls, all being the opposite to how I once was. In any social situations I became awkward and would often get embarrassed starting the chain reaction. Reddish face -> get embarrassed -> go even redder -> :blush: . So I eventually gave up trying to socialize with people where awkward/embarrassing situations may arise.

Even being off accutane and being spot free my life still seemed shit. DON'T WORRY IT DOES GET BETTER! After about 3-4 months post accutane things started looking up. The redness in my skin began to die down :) . With this improvement my confidence slowly started creeping back (very slowly) and still is. I began to talk to girls and a wider group of people at school once again. As my confidence improved I found that my flushing decreased. Although accutane didn't help with the flushing I believe that a large part of the cause of it is mental. I found that if I found my self thinking about it saying to myself, 'omg this girl is fit I hope I don't blush and go all red', low and behold I would. So as I was saying as my confidence grew my flushes fell.

Where am I today? Although the title says one year in fact I'm about two months short of that but oh well. As I'm typing this I'm currently happy with the way my skin is. Admittedly my cheeks are a little rosy but its nothing I can't handle. My confidence, although not being as high as it once was is at a 3-4 year high. I can only see things getting better. I do get the odd hot flush here and there, maybe once or twice every few weeks but thats nothing compared to what it once was.

On a final note, if there is one message I wish to put across in this post, is that don't give up on accutane. It may seem like its fucking your life up now but it does wonders for your future. Keep looking forward and you will see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Thanks for reading and thanks to all the amazing people that helped me through my time with accutane. I don't know what I would have don't without the community! :clap:



Sooooo... I'm on month 6 of my accutane journey. Going to see the derm next month. This is just a quick blog to tell people of my experience so far.

So at the moment i am on 60mg of tane a day. I first started on 15 then gradually to 30 then 40 and now 60. When I first started I was seemingly lucky that i did not seem to get a breakout. Anyway so over the 6 months my skin has hugely cleared up although i was still getting new spots occasionally up to the end of month 5. My derm was like hummm, I think i need to up you dose! Bummer. So yeh here i am on 60mg a day. That’s a really quick overview of my accutane program/dosage.

I want to give people some advice on accutane and reducing side effects who may be about to go on the drug or are part way through their course.


Well first of all the one thing that everyone is worried about (well i was at least) is the dry skin. I admit that this is a key and in somewhat unavoidable side effect. With me it’s not only my face that is affected. MY WHOLE BODY IS! Which sucks big time. But over the 6 months i have found ways to calm my skin. Firstly to help my dry skin on the back of my legs and arms i use EPADERM CREAM. I get this from my doctors on the NHS. It comes in a big 500g pump thingymebob. I use this in the shower. I wash my body as per then I apply large amounts of the Epaderm then simply wash it off. I also use it on my face in the shower. I found that that makes a huge difference. Once I ran out and went to school and OMG my arms were like big scabs. It was horrible and itchy not goooood! Once out the shower I apply E45 ENDLESS MOISTURE all over my body, (backs of legs, arms ect.)


As for the face I use a number of products. During the day I apply CLINIQUE M LOTION. This seems to be adequate in keeping my dry skin at bay if I apply it throughout the day. SUN CREAM! Admittedly I do not apply sun cream daily although I do if I know I am going to be exposed to the sun. Trust me I learnt the hard way. Two days in the sun not only did I look even more like a lobster than I already did but the pain was like AHHHHHH. It hurt. So if I am in the sun I normally apply a factor 30 or 50. Any facial sun cream will do the job.

At night I use EPADERM once again but this time I use the EPADERM OINTMENT. This is basically like a lump of lard tbh. I personally hate applying it but admittedly it most certainly does the job required. I apply it to all the places on my face that get dry e.g. around the mouth. In the morning I wash it off in the shower. I don’t wash it off with soap in the shower though. I tend to get the greasiness of it off but leave some on so that I have a kinda already moisturised skin for the day ahead , (hope that made sense), then I apply what is previously mentioned for the day.

I have come to notice that lip care is hugely important. There is nothing worse that cut and chapped lips. It kills! I use a number of different things (I use whatever I can find, out of all the lip balms I have bought). One product that I use is CARMEX. This is a great product. It lasts forever and really works in moisturising my lips. I’ve also used BOOTS OWN LIPSALVE. This also seems to do a good job. One major factor when buying lip salve is SPF PROTECTION! I can’t stress enough how susceptible lips are to burning. Normally you can get around SPF15. I once bought and SPF30 stick. As I found out these are like block sticks and just turn your lips white. I decided that this wasn’t the most fashionable thing so I gave up on it haha. I also use the EPADERM OINTMENT previously mentioned on my lips at night. Make sure you moisturise the corners of your lips because there are extremely susceptible to cracking.


Dry eyes are a commonly discussed side effect. Personally in day to day life this does not affect me. Admittedly I do get dry eyes but not so much that it bothers me. Although it did greatly affect me recently. During my course I have found out that I need glasses. Personally I am not a glasses person so I went for a contact lenses appointment. The optician I was seeing took a look at my eyes with some gizmo he had and pretty swiftly told me that my eyes were far to dry for contacts to be an option at this moment in time. All caused by the accutane. So that’s the only major bummer as far as dry eyes are concerned.

Depression?! Personally this has never been an issue. I do admit though when I was low a few weeks ago this “suicide†thought came into my mind. I personally think the only reason I ever thought of the word itself was because I knew that acutance was associated with suicide not because I was actually seriously thinking about it. I have and doubt I ever will have real “suicidal thoughtsâ€. But all being said I am not the same as the next person. So while on accutane you should always be aware of these possibilities and go and see your derm or doc id you have any mental concerns.

Hair thinning…… I have not noticed any DRAMATIC hair thinning although I have noticed my hair falling out more often and more of it. Hopefully this will subside after I finish the tane.


EPADERM CREAM – For in the shower – Can be bought from BOOTS or you Dr

EPADERM OINTMENT – For face and lips – BOOTS or Dr

CLINIQUE M LOTION – For face during the day - Any good store with a Clinique Counter (got my from Boots)

SUN CREAM – For skin protection during the day - Any pharmacy (Boots)

CARMEX – to protect lips – and yes Boots.

BODY MOISTURISER – Help against dry skin – Boots.




Story so far ....

Hey all, I'm Tim age 16 and from England.

I'm new to acne.org and this is my story so far.

Well where to begin...

My acne story began when i was about 13-14. It started fairly mild from what i can remember; mostly on my face, particularity my forehead. At first my acne didn't rely bother me tbh I thought that it would shortly pass over and clear (obviously not though otherwise I doubt I would find my self writing this). So, as I grew older (later part of 14 years) my acne was still lingering. This was when I thought that a doctor visit was necessary, (although i did go through a month of my mum telling me that it was fine and would clear before she eventually booked an appointment). So 14 going on 15 (can’t remember exact dates) i went to see my local gp and this is where my treatment began.

So upon seeing he described my acne being mild but had the potential to worsen. He then prescribed me a common oral antibiotic for acne called Oxytetracycline. To start with my dose was fairly low. And sure enough after about 2 weeks of medication my acne began to get better. But then after being on the medication for about a month this "getting better" halted as my acne did not get any worse nor better. All that had seemed to be achieved was controlling my acne outbreaks. So sure enough i was straight back to my gp. He decided to up my dosage of the Oxytetracycline. Once again the pattern was relatively the same. My acne cleared up slightly before the healing process hit this so called "wall".

So being about 15 and a few months i once again found myself back at the gp's. This time my oral medication was changed to Erythromycin and I was also prescribed PanOxyl 5% Benzoyl Peroxide. So my treatment began once again, and yes I the same results, (At this point the Benzoyl Peroxide did not play a large part). So being about 15 and 9 months maybe, I was back at the gp. This time my medication was switched back to the Oxytetracyline. This time the medication seemed to have no effect what so ever, and my acne worsened (maybe also coupled with stress of exams). This is when I turned to the internet for advice.

After coming across a few dodgy looking sites trying to sell me god knows what i came across Dan's acne.org and the regime. (This time frame is around the past two months or so, began near the end of summer break [July - early September]). So i thought right I have plenty of Benzol Peroxide so i decided to give the regime a go. Due to already using Benzoyl Proxide multiple times before my plan was to start with the full wammy (twice a day full dose), this was one of the biggest mistakes i have made in my acne life. After about 2 days my skin was as pink as a lobster and the after about a week it all began to peel off (badly). To make things worse i had to go back to school with my skin in this condition, (talking about a bad week!). So after that experience i decided to let my skin heel for a week or two and then i would stat the regime again but from the start with small dosages. I started the regime number two about two weeks ago, but my spots were still awful (especially on my forehead). So I was back to the gp (this was on Tuesday). Due to my past and number of visits my gp decided that it was time i saw a specialist. So i have an appointment on Wednesday.

And that’s my life with acne so far.

As previously mentioned I am new to acne.org so I don't know if I am posting this whole thing in the right place :S ( i suppose if your reading this then I posted it somewhere people can read it)

I know this whole thing is about me, but I was hoping that sharing my story will open up people to share theirs with me.

Thanks for reading


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