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First Week..or so

I'm 17 years old and have had bad skin since about 12 or 13, so I started using the acne.org system. I started using the cleanser, BP cream, and moisturizer every morning and night.

Day 1

I didn't notice anything different. My skin has always been bad. Not severe, but worse than mild acne.

Day 2

My skin starting feeling itchy and a little more red than usual. But I still continued

Day 3

It was about the same, just really itchy and dry.

Day 4 & 5

My face would burn terribly after moisturizing. It was very tight and dry. It also began flaking.

Day 6

Still very dry and flaky. I used some jojoba oil and it helped briefly. I started breaking out as well.

Day 7

Still dry and very broken out, but the breakouts went away about as fast as they came

Day 8

Just about ready to give up. Flaky, dry, and very tight. It got very painful when it burned. So in the morning I used all but the BP.

Day 9

I used everything in the morning and at night and my face started to not be as dry

Day 10

I've noticed a lot of improvement in my breakouts, and my skin is definitely not as dry as it was.

I will continue to use everything. I'm hopeful it will only get better! :wall:

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