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Day 1 Clavaris

So today is my first day of taking clavaris at 20mg one x per day! I took it at 1:51pm and I dunno about everyone else, but when I take a capsule pill like a fiber pill...i always get the "pill belch" which lets me know the pill erupted...so I got the "pill belch at 2:09pm! letting me know the process has begun. While I dont feel anything too significant...i have noticed that my lips feel a lil like numb...maybe im being a hypochondriac?!?! :wall:

I have had acne since 5th grade and am now 24...so I am ready to experience a new me who can look in the mirror and not see blah!.. My acne has not been as severe as others, but I only get nodular acne which lasts over a month!!! yes a Month!!!... and I have really bad nodular shouldar acne...so each day Imma try and take pictures to record my experience and my transition. I am just so grateful the dermatologist permitted me to be able to do this after researching it since my junior year in HS!

Once I figure out how to post photos I will add them...if you have any advice with posting photos PLEASE let me know

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