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Week 1 (jan 20)

Hi all,

This is my first week within my new regimin.

Firstly i have decided to use Clearisil Ultra 2-in-1 to help with redness. I think it has worked quite well as the amount of nw spots has been reduced but it is not working very well on the redness so i may have to find a new product to help with that.

After this i wait around 20 minutes until i add clearasil cleansing lotion and then clearasil ultra treatment pads. I then wait around 20 minutes so that the salysic acid can absorb into my skin which after i add oxy 2.5% bp. This works wonders after just a few days, as you only supposed to apply it once a day i add clean and clear advantage 4 hour spot treatment, this has proved to be quite effective but the claim of 4 hours is no way near correct.

After about 30 minutes or so i apply neutrogena moisturiser which helps after apply all of the bp and my skin is all flaky. It also helps to prevent new spots but i suppose that was just an added bonus as i didnt really find it that effective but its better than just applying a mosturiser,

so enough natter,

lets see how well this works for the next week...

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