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Hey everyone,

I need some advice. I have been on minomycine for a month now and i use differin gel at night. I have only been using the gel for about 2 and a half weeks. I have noticed a slight improvement but i still seem to be breaking out. is this normal? I'm starting to get really down. Should i just stick with it for longer or i don't really know. HELP!


Hi, I'm new


I just signed up today. I have been following this website for a few weeks now though. I never really had bad acne until about 12 weeks ago I just broke out and nothing was helping. I eat extremely healthy and keep really fit. It really lowered my confidence and self esteem and I was always upset.

3 and a half weeks ago I consulted a doctor about it and had a heap of tests done to see if i had some internal problem causing it but the tests came back clear. So he put me on minomycine tablets and differin gel. The first few weeks were hard I just wanted to give up because I just kept breaking out but the last few days I have noticed my skin getting better wihich is great! I've only been using the differing gel for about two weeks (for spot treatment) and its really helping aswell. So hopefully its only going to get better from here!

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