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Caitlin K


Week 1:

Dry lips but i keep them moisturized with aquaphor day and night and chapstick throughtout the day so as of now its not too bad

Skin: did get 3 big pimples on my forehead, skin is dryer but not dry enough to used moisturizer, but i dont have to be using a damn oilblottter every 15 min :wall: still use them tho

Hair: feel like im loosing hair but im always parinoid about loosing hair so i might be bugging, hair def dryer tho dont have to shampoo everyday

Headaches- dont really get headaches unless im getting sick and i got two pounding ones this week, not sure if it accutane tho

Other than that everything is pretty regular no substantial differences in skin ohh except my face is really red kinda looks like a got a sunburn but then again face is always red

Caitlin K

Accutane Log

I decided to start this blog to track my progress. A little bit of background info. I'm 19 years old, have had acne since age 14, it is mild to moderate acne. I have oily skin (constantly using oil blotters and reapplying powder). My acne has really bothered me since i got it. My mom suggested i try accutane when i was 17 to get rid of it for good, and i was always stubborn about it mainly because my dumb pride got in the way i didnt think i needed accutane even though my mom and derm reccommened i use it i dont know what the hell i was thinking not using it earlier but annyway i finally decided fuck it im trying it. so i went to the derm told her i wanted accutane, went throught all the ipledge shit took the blood tests and finally took my first pill on dec 5th 2009

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