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Im not sure as to what i should do because i have had acne since i was in high school and benzoyl peroxide and topical medications worked back then.But in college it was very mild, I moved to Florida and Im from Michigan and surprisingly the weather made my skin better even tho I have naturally mild oily skin, I think the clean air and ocean, and sun helped my skin.Im African American so i tanned a nice tan if i had a lil breakout- I'd put a lil topical medicine like benzoyl perioxide then I'd tan and it'd go away.I wore less makeup also.But as soon as I moved back to Michigan this August I broke out...well over the summer while i was on my way to graduating college I became stressed and tired, and caused a lil breakout on my forehead and right lower cheek on my face.So i said i'll take care of it when i go back to Michigan after graduation. It was blackheads, so my Doctor decided to put me on Solodyn....Such a not smart move because that medication is for Red teen pimples which was NOT what i had and It made me breakout more and gave me 3 cysts which he injected to make them go away.I just stopped the Solodyn because I have NEVER had cysts ever and they are gone now thankfully....and the blackheads are still here but they seem to hide when I dry my skin out with the facial wash -Benzoyl Peroxide and when i sleep in my room without the heat which is killing me because its winter here in Michigan now and snow and Im freezing but the blackheads pop if i get too hot and sweat a tiny bit.....Im not sure what i should take to make them go away because they jus popped up over the summer a few and now there are many and Im not sure what medication to take??? SOMEONE PLEASE HELP

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