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So it has been about five days since I began the longgg process of accutane. I have already noticed my skin getting dry, lips also but not as bad as my brother described it, but then again I only started.(He finished accutane last may and it worked great on his skin:)) I'm really nervous about how much worse my skin will get, before it gets better. I have been getting at least one new pimple every day since starting it and not too excited about it. I've been dealing with acne ever since 8th grade, and although it has improved drastically after high school it has been very persistent and hard to deal with(always have to use cover up).. I just can't wait for the day(hopefully by the end of my 5 months) where I will feel comfortable enough going out with bare skin, and not have to worry about acne at all.. Yup yup that'll be one amazing feeling. Anyways I will try to post a new blog weekly to record my progress and whatnot. Wish me luck, and feel free to fill me in on what should be expected! :wall:


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