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Beautiful Nightmare

Sorry guys, I know it's been a while. So much has happened since my last post, almost a month ago. Where to start? I've noticed a hugh change in my skin, for the better and I don't want to jinx it. I Went to my one month visit, this past Tuesday and was thrilled when my dermatologist came in and looked at my face, then asked,"what month are you on, 2 or 3?". I told him, it had only been 1 month, he checked my chart to confirm. Hayyy!!!!

Everyone has been commenting on my skin. I think before accutane I had a big ego, now a have a Hugh 1. Lol my face has been breaking out more, recently. I don't get to discouraged considering it would be a whole lot worse without accutane! Counting my blessing!!!

My skin and lips haven't been as dry. (that's a positive)

That's about all for now! Adios amigos!!!!

Beautiful Nightmare

I know I said I would update weekly, but I couldn't resist. I just finished my first 5 day box of accutane. Not alot of changes, skin has gotton oilier (if that's a word) I've had countinuos back pain the whole time. Not sure if it's from accutane or the solodyn I was taking before. These dry lips are driving me crazy!! I'm a lip gloss crazy girl. I found a really good lip balm from Victoria secret. Taking accutane in the winter=clear skin by summer. Horray for that light at the end of the tunnel. All the fashionista's out there go wild durning this shopping season, while everythings on sale. I just noticed my nose is really soft, pores are minimizing!! :wall:) my nose is too sexy for my face, too sexy for my face Oh yeah!!! Lol

Until next time....

Beautiful Nightmare


This is my first blog, so here it goes... I'm a 23 year old African American female, who's been suffering from acne for 10 yrs. I'm so excited I discovered this site. I'm the only 1 amongst my family and friends suffering from "bad skin" so it's been a difficult jorney. Never having anyone to talk to about my daily struggles with my skin. Every one avoiding talking about skin or skin products around me. Today's my first day taking accutane (well claravis). So I've become addicted to reading other accutane post. I'm trying to stay positive and optimistic. I just know Im so close to closing this chapter of my life. So wish me luck :wall:) i'm going to try to post once a week and update pics often...

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