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STILL have scars. i went to the derm today, and he suggested laser treatment. skin care is serious stuff, man. just like with the accutane, i went to the derm thinking i could get a gel or a cream or something and all my problems would go away, but no. i needed some intense pill that causes cancer in rats. now, to make a bunch of tiny dots go away i need intense laser treatment. life is so hard :D anyway, i need to research it. like the accutane, it's probably not as bad as it sounds. then i will truely be happy with my skin :)

also, in the beginning of the month i broke out a little... nothing bad by any means, but not as small as i'd like after taking accutane. it scares me... i told the derm today and he gave me all this junk. i hate having to use all kinds of shit on my face though! then when i go to sleepovers, not only do i have to lug around a giant toiletry bag, but it takes me waaaayyy longer than everyone else just to get ready for bed. or those late nights you come home and want to just lie in bed and die? cant do that because i need to take 30 minutes taking care of my face. i hate it. anyway, hopefully all the stuff he gave me will clear it up quick, then maybe i'll just use it as a weekly thing. kinda like with masks and nose peels and stuff. we'll see.

anyway, my main thing is the lasers. if anyone reads this, advice on the lasers would bee nice! i'd like to read some stories about people who actually did it, and to find out exactly how often people get those permanant pigmentation damage. the last thing i want is perfect white circles on my face.


now and then...

so i was looking at a picture from last october- almost a year ago- and my face was BAD.

here's the story;

all last summer i was on differin, and it worked pretty well. but it didnt make my face as clear as it is now. nonetheless, it was clear enough! i'd say about 90%. but i've heard differin stops working after a while, and i guess thats what happened (that or maybe i ran out and stopped using it, who knows) because i broke out really badly. i would classify it as severe acne. i would pile on the foundation but it didnt make any difference at all. there's a pic, but i dont want to upload it :) anyways, now, just a year later, my skin is perfectly clear (minus someclogged pores- if i run my hands over my face, around my jaw line, it feels a little rough). but i still have scars from it. i believe they're fading though. i really really want them to go away. :(

anyway, just a thought. i'm glad that when all hope was lost, accutane came to save the day!


Panama :)

the cyst is gone!!! its been gone for quite a while now. but if i run my fingers over the spot where it was, i feel a little bump there. so it's not 100% gone. and i apply clindamycin eeeeeevery dayyyyy but it hasnt gotten any smaller. you cant see it though....not at all. only feel. so it doesnt bother me that much.

besides that, and a few clogged pores i think, i'm totally clear. the really pesky thing is those red marks left behind. and i'm noticing some scars. the ones that actallu look like little tiny craters. yeah, not cool. those arent noticeable either, and theres not that many, but still. we all want perfect skin.

i need to figure out something to get rid of those red marks though. i read in my seventeen magazine that acne face cleansers with benzoyl peroxide and other harsh chemicals can make rewd marks linger. so maybe i'll try a more gentle face wash.

and i was going to try taking vitamin E, since its good for your skin.

so thats my next mission. i hope it goes well!

anyway, i've been in panama for the last couple weeks. no makeup! only because i sweat so much and i dont want it to clog my pores. but its sooooo hot here. AC is my savior. but on the plus side, i'm getting tan :pray: not as much as i'd like. i'm only a little bit more tan.... its not fair. i have one more week to work on it though!! yaaay!


that pesky cyst...

well it's gotten smaller. not much, but still. and it's not as sore. so that's awesome! i am using clindamycin (another leftover... nothing ever worked before so i never finished them!) and it works great! i had a couple other tiny, barely noticeable pimples and they're gone now :pray:

i use the clindamycin every morning, and the differin every other night. the differin dry's out my face. but mostly around my mouth so i dont put it around my mouth anymore. there's no problems there anyway :surprised:

so i'm no longer worried. well... not as much. i'm pretty sure that cyst will be gone soon enough! :cry:



alrighty... it's been what, a week now?

technically i was supposed to be done about 20 days ago or so. but a while back they refilled my prescription (the time when i had issues at walmart) too much, so from then on i had a lot leftover al the time.

That being said, i had my last blood test on wednesday. only a week after, but they expected me to be done earlier. plus the reason they made it so shortly after was because my derm is moving, so she needs to read them before she leaves. And she already did, they're perfect :pray:

But the problem now is... its only been a weekk and i have two cysts right next to eachother :cry: big painful ones. the reasons why it worries me is 1) the derm said i shouldnt cysts anymore!! and 2) thats kinda quick... i guess i could understand a tiny zit better, as long as it went away fast. but this is a cyst, which she said i shouldnt get anymore, and it hurts, and its been there for 4 days i think! it started out small, and i expected it to go away within a couple days, but instead a smaller one popped up next to it, and the one got bigger and they hurt :( :(

this scares me.

i'm not sure how do go about with this...

i'm going to go "beauty shopping". maybe some tea tree oil will fix this? i've heard good things about tea tree oil. i would just hate to buy something pricey and it not work... maybe i'll try clean and clear instead.

i have some leftover differin which i'll start using. that way i can prevent this sort of thing :surprised:

i really dont mmind one or two measly little zits. as long as they go away faster. but these hurt. and i really hope they dont stay and then more come....i really hope i dont get all that acne again.

BUT, it's too early to assume things.

oh but i was looking around acne.org today and i came across this egg white mask. i heard great things about it so i tried it. i guess i didnt notice anything super amazing... actually it didnt really make much of a difference for me. but i've only done it twice. i figured, if nothing bad came out of it, why not give it more time to see if it works?

maybe it's "purging" my pores, and thats whats causing my cysts to get worse- for the time being. someone said something about that on the egg white mask reviews... but like i said. i'll wait and see.

so in short, being off accutane isnt going exactly how i expected. it just isnt quite as blissfull as i'd hoped :/ let's hope that changes fast!


i almost forgot!

well i never told any of my friends i was on accutane.

let me restate that, i never intended to have my friends know i was taking accutane.

i may have mentioned this before, but when i first decided to take it, i left the booklet out at home and my friend found it. but that's just one person, and she's my bff. plus, it wasnt so bad. not at all. and throughout the last 6 months, at least she understood my obsession with aquaphor! (actually, although i explained it to her -"my body isn't prosucing any oil! i need to create my own moisturization!"- she still never quite got it. i guess you actually have to be the one with the chapped lips to understand).

but anyway... she was with her older brother and his friend one night, and they were both drunk (the two boys, not my friend) and for some reason they were talking about me... and they got into talking about my skin being clear. now, i wasnt present during all this or i would have quickly changed the subject, but the next day i was hanging out with all them. the two boys were still slightly drunk, and one says to me "hey... your face cleared up... high five."

so i awkwardly gave him a high five... then changed the subject :|

anyway i felt like sharing that. it's nice to hear good things about being clear, but i'm not really close to that kid. so i'm not sure how i felt about that. but oh well!



I took my last pill yesterday, making the my whole accutane journey last 185 days. whew, that actually went by pretty fast. i thought it would take FOREVER since i would be so excited for the end!

So, no more accutane. my last update was about 2 weeks ago? almost 3. since then, my it seemed like i was gettin more oily... the rashes from being so dry (and sort of being lazy about lotion) went away, which is weird since i was still on accutane. i thought they would have gotten even more dry... and my face did seem to be a little oily. not exactly oily, but definitely not like the skin of someone taking accutane! i think it might have been because it's summer now, and the heat and the sweat and all that jazz. plus i changed moisturizers.

Also, i wouldn't say i have any zits, but i think i do kinda have clogged pores. again, i'm thinking this might be from the lotion. see, before, my face was so dry and i ran out of the lotion i had been using (the store brand of eucerin) and the store stopped selling it! so i just used some neutrogena hand cream that i have. i'm not sure it's the best thing to smother on your face, but it DID get rid of that dry skin. So i'll stop that and see how it goes.

overall i'm thrilled with the end results! well, the only thing i'm unhappy with is the redness. it looks like i'm sunburned. i might be just a little... it's hard to tell. but the day lotion i had been using was a store brand (yes i know, i'm cheap. if i see the store brand is cheaper, i'm likely to buy it) and i dont think the spf actually worked... plus it was kinda old.

All i can do now is 1: buy a good moisturizer with better spf. and 2: wait it out until the accutane redness fades, and those pesky little red marks fade. good news on the red marks (scars? i'm not sure they classify as scars since i'm pretty sure they fade completely), they are much better than before!every morning i consider going out without make up! but after i was my face... well it looks more red after i wash it. :( but that time will come soon enough! i was thinking about going to nordstroms though to have them do my makeup one day :) just for fun! way back when my face was covered in blemishes, i would just put on makeup to cover that mess up. now that i'm clear, i wanna have FUN with makeup! (along with hiding the scars :| but like i said, that wont be a problem for long).

another thing i want to do to celebrate... well i've had this gift card for a spa fro over a year now! i was going to use it when i first got it but... i just forgot about it. i think i was saving it for a special day and then just forgot once that day came... who knows. but i found it a little while ago and decided to save it for when i was clear! and now i am! so i can go pamper myself. it'll be put to better use now, too. a year ago, i bet i would have used it on their acne clearing facials or something. which wouldn't have worked that first time, of course. now i can go and pick anything i want, and truly pamper myself! :(

so yes, i am very happy. in fact, i want to share that my last trip to the dermatologist, all the people in there (really it's only 2 people, i see them everytime-the actual derm. and the guy who schedules the next appt. oh and he also sets up the ipledge.) kept telling me how great i looked :)

my last blood test is june 16th. 8 days. then my dermatologist is actually moving! so if i ever go back again, i'll have a different derm. :( i was thinking about that, because, as many people (as far as i have read on here) worry about, i'm afraid that maybe, just maybe, it'll come back. and if it does, odds are it wont be bad at all. i'm not worried about it being really bad if it even does come back. but anyway, let's say i get very very mild acne again, i know what i want because it worked really well before. differin. I have faith in that product because it kept me pretty much clear last summer! i'm not sure what happened...but for some reason after the school year started it got worse. i have one picture from october, my face looks HORRIBLE. it's disgusting, and i hate those pictures! but i think thats because differin wasn't strong enough to contain my acne at the time. if it comes back it wont be bad, and i know differing would be perfect :( but that's all if's. it's my plan B :(

ok thats enough for the longest blog ever! hip-hip-hooray for finally being done! and clear! i'll do another post to keep track of what happens off acctuane :dance: you know, like when the redness finally goes, how oily my skin gets... all that jazz :dance:


almost done!

Day 170;

so i just had my last appointment. i'm pretty much done. well' i'm supposed to be, but i still have 20 pills left. soooo i'll be done next week sometime. i still got a couple zits during my last month, and in fact i have on right now... i think its more like a cyst though. but the zits went away within a couple days, hopefully this one i have right now will too, even though it appears to be a cyst...

But! good news! i woke up this morning, and my skin looks so clear :| i'm not going to wear make up today. afterall, all it ever did was make the scars less noticable, and right now they look less noticeable than ever! i think it's because with summer here (finally) my face is a little tanned, so they blend in... not the best way, but it happened on accident! :)

well i'm so happy now that i get a glimpse of my skin COMPLETELY clear, with barely any scars :)

i'll post again once i finish my pack of pills.



Day 139;

ugh my face has been clear for so long, but i have two pimples. well, one is a cyst, and the other is a whitehead, they're both right next to eachother. partners in crime :/ i wonder why. i mean, my face has been doing so well! all i had to complain about was the redness! but at least it was clear! so no fair :shhh: i hipe they go away SOON. and NEVER RETURN!

well okay, to be honest, after i'm off accutane for a while, this would be fine. but i kinda thought this just didnt happen after being on it so long, especially since i quickle cleared up and have been for so long. i mean, dont the oil glands sort of shut down?

oh well. i'm also thinking about what my derm said. i went on monday, and she said as long as i stay clear this should be my last month. so i guess as long as i dont get any after this then it is still my last month. but if i do... i'm SO going to want to stay on it a little longer.

i really havent been taking 2 pills every other day like i'm supposed to, just one everyday. but i started doing that again once i noticed the blemish. i'm going to take 2 every day for a little while to catch up. and now i just have to hope to clear back up and stay clear!!!

i was so excited to be almost done! i hear everyone saying that accutane makes your skin heal slower, but once they're off their scars fade in no time, then they have 100% flawless skin! i want that! but this is so discouraging :shhh: even if i am blowing it out of propotion haha



Day 135;

so, yes, it's been a while. my computer got a virus, and after i fixed it, idk, i was just lazy about getting on my computer. so i've been to the derm since i last posted... it was a rather boring appt. she kept me on the same dose, and it's been staying the same. not much has changed...

i have another appt. tomorrow, and i'm guessing it'll be the same too! she probably wont up my dose.

well my skin has improved. especially my back! i wanted to wear this tank top on friday, but i never like wearing them because my back, but i looked and there's just some faint scars! i think it will be gone soon! ahhh, clear back :shhh: and my face...well it seemed like a couple weeks ago i broke out just a little. i'm not sure what to think about that. it wasnt because my time of the month either. maybe it was just after... ah! i need to keep better track!

my jawline has cleared up completely though. that was the problem area at first and for a while, but its completely clear now. no scars either.

i havent exactly been keeping up with my dose wither, maybe thats why i broke out. its not consistent. the end of the school year is approaching and i'm getting so much homework :clap: it seems like this happens at the end of every year, i think teachers just kind of rush and cram the rest of the stuff we're supposed to learn into us. grr.

oh yeah! soccer started :cry: it's a lot of fun, and i really feel like i'm getting better! i've played a couple years but that was a little while ago. now i'm starting it again but i feel like a beginner. hm. but the best part is that i'm getting into shape :shifty: so soccer+accutane= lookin good :snooty: and just in time for summer haha.

but i'm also tired lately. not sure what to blame that on. maybe everything. homework, soccer, plus it always takes me a while to fall asleep, so i just never get as much sleep as i'm supposed to anyway. except on weekends :dance: but my mom got me vitamin B supplements, it converts food into energy, so maybe that will get me more energy! i'll try it out. but it will make me feel old or something... or like a druggie. i mean, the B supplements, accutane, and i take ibuprofin often since i get a lot of headaches (not due to accutane, i've always been like that). thats 3 different types of meds! haha

all in all i guess i'm still improving :shifty: and i look foreward to more improvement, primarily on my face. i think my skin is just gross right now. its very red. and it doesnt seem even. then my make up doesnt go on evenly. ugh, its upsetting. i really cant wait to be done with accutane, and i know the redness will go away, then my scars will heal, and i'll have pretty acne-free skin!!! thats all i'm waiting for, since i dont have much else to look foreward too :shhh:


day 91!

Day 91;

wow! 9 more days will make it 100! that's pretty awesome :D

anyway, i have been taking the two every other day.. somehwhat. i get off track sometimes, okay?! ahaha but the main thing was that lst timke they didnt completely fill my prescription because the pharmacy ran out. so i started running low, of course, and they were still out at my hospital, so i had to go to walmart. and ipledge was causing all these problems, i was just trying to complete the FIRST prescrition! jeeze, it really chaps my khakis.

but i got more than nough now, they just gave me a brand new prescription i guess... but it's claravis now, not amnesteem. i dont think theres a difference anyway, but i like this packaging better. actually, i like the amnesteem pills better (no idea why) but i hate the packaging. ts way more difficult to get the pill out.

okay getting to the more important part, i'm am so dry, its actually uncomfortable! and i absolutely depend on aquaphor! before i could go a few hours-or even a day- getting by on regular chapstick. no big deal, i just had to apply it a lot more. now, if i dont have aquaphor... i dont even want to know. i though i forgot it the other day, and i started to panic! i didnt want my lips to start bleeding or something!!

also, i got this off-brand of eucerin (SOOOO much cheaper!) and if i forget to apply that (i have to smother my entire body in it now) then i will be itchy beyond belief all day long! in fact, one day i didnt put any on my arms, and i scratched them so bad and they got so dry that it was red-not just red, but kinda like a scab. i could FEEL it- like i got a really bad scratch and there was kind of a scab...it's hard to explain. but whatever you call it, it wont go away by my wrists. i'll have to carry around lotion with me and just constantly apply it there.

hmmm i think thats all the news. just much more dry than i used to be. uncomfortable dry (unless i apply lotion :D liberally) but even then, at night, once i get in bed, if i'm on my side and i kinda stretch my arm over (say, putting my hand under my head or something, so it's kinda stretching a tiny bit) then i get itchy! and i'm obviously itchy from being dry, just to be clear :D the solution would be to put more lotion on before bed, but i'm too lazy to do that haha.

i also want to add- back pain, i havent noticed it for a while. maybe i'm used to it, maybe its gone. idk. and lately, i think my face is breaking out a little. bummer :/ but is not bad. oh and nothing but scars on my back :D i heard people have had their black heads just fall out, will that happen with me? i have a bunch on my nose. they have cleared up since i started taking accutane, but not completely. theres also a lot of clogged pores now, around my nose, and kind of on my cheeks (the part thats closer to your nose).

once i'm done with my course i'm gonna work on my scars. those are what really bothers me now >:[ i think they were the worst part from the beginning! i dont think any of them are permanent... the red ones fade, right? i'mm starting soccer at school, and i would love to play confidently with no make up, but i dont see it happening! my face is too red!

i'm not sure what to do though. like at my next appointment, she's going to ask me if i'd like to stay on 40mg or go back to 20 mg. i think i can countinue with 40mg every other day, it's fine. and i'm pretty sure she will let me keep it that way, just being every other day until im all done.

but i wonder if i should try 40mg every day?

no back and forth, you know?


dry dry dry

Day 72;

my face is so much dryer, it's peeling! not that bad at all, but still. i'm gonna have to get a more gentle face wash i think. i never went to cetaphil because although my face was dry, it was actually okay with lotion. but with my higher dose i'm going to need it. also on the days i took the higher dose, my back hurt more! i was just walking up the stairs and it hurt! but it's alright now... i took 2 today, so tomorrow i take one... this is going to get confusing! i really need to write this down. hmmm is that it?

oh! and i want to share, :D that on friday, i straightened my hair (something i havent done in FOREVER) and i put this glittery green eyeliner on (it was spirit day and we had to wear green) and i got all kinds of compliments! "i love your eye's christina" "you look so pretty today" "your hair looks nice" it's nice to hear those kinds of things :D :D :D

sooooo yeah. my face is pretty clear for the most part. back, not so much. it was never bad, but it hasnt improved much. maybe a little. oh and my face is red. the derm said it was from the accutane. and yeah it looks like i just scrubbed my face, you know how that makes it red? only it would fade. this doesnt fade. but foundation covers it up well enough :D

i think thats it for now! 2 months down, it feels pretty good :D not as bad as i thought it woull be actually... i'm excited for months 3 and 4, thats when most people start noticing BIG changes, but so far i already have! :D



Day 71;

so i went to the derm on monday. she raised my dose :D but my weight is kinda on the line i guess, since they like to match the dose with your weight. i'm about 50 kg, right in between 40g and 60g. so she asked me what i wanted and i said i'd like to try a higher dose. but i only take 2 pills every other day. omg which reminds me! i took 2 pills out of the package one day, then i went to get my milk to take it with, but i only take one in the morning then the 2nd one after school. so yeah after school i looked in the little container i put them in (i put the amount i need to take that day in a container so i dont get confused or anything. just extra precaution.) and the 2nd one was gone! i have no idea what happened, maybe i took both in the morning? anyway, it remains a mystery.

also my face is improving. my mother mentioned this morning "now that your face is clearing up you look so pretty!" well was i not pretty before? :/ i know what she meant though

uhh gotta go! lol more later :D


day 53

Day 53;

chest getting a little worse, face getting a little better, back the same...

i think my back pain isnt as bad! that or I'm just getting used to it ;) oh, lips: DRY. all week they were really chapped, but i managed to get it under control. now they're just really dry. if i dont have aquaphor on i cant smile!

and i'm in band (i play clarinet) so i dont like to apply aquaphor while we play because it's just a big mess. but i kinda need to. ugh. thats just a little pet peeve of mine haha :(.

so yeah thats the news. :( it's going pretty good.


day 48

Day 48;

mkay so I"m gonna do a quickie here.

my face has improved just a little. yay :( and my arms are like completely better! they aren't dry and itchy anymore!! oh and i think my back is better too, no more bothersome cysts or anything. back pain hasnt changed- still managable. so it's all good!


more dryness!

Day 41;

i havent posted anything since last year!!!! haha but seriously, it's been a while.

so i went to my dermatologist last week. she's keeping me on 40 mg a day. I'm okay with that, it's all good. i mean eventually i think i'll want a higher dose but for now 40 mg is good lol. At the time, she said i didnt look to bad as far as dryness goes, and that she noticed my skin had cleared up a little already ;)

but some things i have noticed, 1: my back (idk if i ever mentioned but yes, i have back acne too) hasnt cleared up really... in fact theres a few cysts that are a little uncomfortable! and 2; more recently my arms are so dry, they're itchy! ah! so i put EXTRA lotion on them. frequently. they're actually getting better already :(

hmm and my face.... not too bad i guess. it has cleared up, but i still break out a lot around my mouth :( but thats actually starting to improve just a little too! same with around my jawline/neck. i break out in those areas the most, but lately not as much.

and my back still hurts. i think a little bit more... maybe. i cant tell. if its worse, then its only a tiny bit. i had to confess at the derm. and they seemed a little more worried than i expected, i thought back pain was kinda normal... well not normal, but it seems like a lot of people get it. but she said my tests were fine, so they stopped worrying about it haha.

i think that's all i have to report. so all in all, not too shabby ;)


day 25

Day 25;

i've been pretty bored lately... so today i decided to put that boredom to use! i ran 2 miles :wall: no joint pain while i was running either, i was worried that might happen.

but once i was done, i went right back to being bored. *sigh* hopefully tomorrow i will do something. ANYTHING.

but on the plus side, since i havent left my house today, no makeup! I'm very proud of myself, it feels nice... and i know i'm being nice to my skin! i guess i didnt feel that compelled to cover my face because its not as bad as usual today. I have a few actives, but they're not that noticable. besides, nobody's gonna see :wall:

but in reality, i think its my scars that bother me the most. there's a bunch all over my cheeks. a couple weeks before school ended, someone asked me if my face got burned or something :wall: i ignored the question since i didnt really know how to answer. then i went to the bathroom to apply more make up! but really, way to ruin my day kid.

oh and i want to mention- yesterday i spent a lot of time outside, and boyyyyyyyy did my face get dry!! i looked decent in the morning, when my makeup was freshly applied, right? by the end off the day, it must have just rubbed off, and my face was peeling! ew. the worst part was that i was with my friend who is visiting, and we took pictures, but i looked awful in all of them! some memories :wall: maybe i need a better moisturizer?

so anyway, thats the 411 :wall:


day 23

Day 23;

i havent updated in a long time! well okay so christmas was great :wall: next christmas i will have clearrrrrr skiiiiin! haha i hope so, and i know so.

as of now, im really dry but not as bad as i thought. im pretty sure it will get worse. it's fine if i put on lotion, and i normally put on a lot. if i dont put any on my arms though, i get this small dry patch, its sorta rough. And i feel like everyday there is a new zit on my face! but they actually seem to go away pretty quick. so i'll wake up with a new one, then the next morning its gone, but there's more haha, etc.. i get really painful ones too! around my mouth. aaand i have to come clean... if those dont go away by the end of the day, i take action. i know im gonna regret that when my face is clear, but i have scars! ugh!

right now it seems like i just break out in the same places though. i dont know why... but its always in the middle of my forhead, around my mouth (i break out there the most), and along the sides of my face (close to the hairling, continues down to jawline). AHH and its starting to spread more down to my neck. almost. that area right under your chin, i guess you could actually just call it your jawline. and almost behind my ears. i dont really know haha, but its spreading :wall:

But, on a good note (i guess), I just started my last pack of ten! wow i'm almost done with my first month! kind of exciting. im moving along slowly. i go meet with the dermatologist in about a week. i think you have to get a blood test every month... am i right? :wall: ha i dont much enjoy that part. it'll be quick though.

almost forgot to mention, i have noticed i've been getting cuts on my fingers a lot lately. well just all over my hand. i dont know if it's just like splitting or maybe my skin just gets cut easily. either way, it's gotta be the dryness.



Day 15;

i no longer have to wash my hair everyday! which i kinda dont like, i let my hair air dry and its curly, so after a day... its just not as curly and it doesnt look nice. but i'll deal.

ohhhh and my back! people have had back pain, i was just hoping i wouldnt! but i do :\ we just got a new tv, and i helped my dad bring out the old one (which is OLD) its one of those big ones! and super heavy. I felt so old when my back hurt from lifting it :wall:

so dry eyes, dry scalp, dry skin and back pain. stay tuned for more...


drying up

Day 10;

finished that first pack of 10! i just took a bunch out though and put them in another container. so much easier. maybe it's just me, but it sure is difficult to get that pill out of the package!

yeahh im starting to notice my face is getting dryer. fine with lotion, but i think towards the end of the day its more noticable. hmm.

but yeah im mostly concentrating on finals this week. ugh. im really nervous!

anyway nothing else is new besides getting drier. i also think im braking out a tiny but more. i got a a couple blemishes on my face.. i picked at em too! i know, its horrible, i get mad at myself but, ah! lol but also my chest a little while ago, but its gone now (didnt pick at that haha) oh! and lips are pretty chapped without chapstick lol. i forgot my eyedrops today too, but better that than aquaphor :wall:

im pretty good about lotion though. i put on body lotion after the shower so it's all good :wall: working on drinking water though.. i was getting good at it, but the last couple days not so much. bleh.

mkay, thats it for now! :wall:


day 4

whoa!! my eyes were really dry today!

people were probably thinking all day, why is that girl blinking so much?? haha

i wil have to go to walmart and get some eye drops.

oh and acne hasnt really cleared up any... i didnt expect that yet, but just mentioning

anyway, thats pretty much the only difference! :wall:


Day 3

hmm i think my hands are getting more dry.. i have a cut on my thumb, i think it's because it's dry. but like i said, they were already a little dry to begin with, but not so much that they were getting cuts.

I live in Alaska by the way, so winter gets pretty rough.

I just bought some lotion, i'm going to try to get into the habit of putting some on regularly. Walmart was out of the face lotion i like to get though :wall: that Dove deep moisture facial lotion, it works really well :wall: and my lips are better, i've been using aquaphor. I read it all the time, apparently its a lifesaver, so i knew i must have some! and i do, i have been using it, so my lips arent so chapped anymore. for now anyway.. :wall:

oh yeah I'm not sure if you're supposed to take it with food? i heard you should, but do you really have to? i guess it gets absorbed better if you do... i never really eat brerakfast, i just have a big cup of chocolate milk every morning :wall: i wonder if that's sufficient? it's Carnation Instant Breakfat, its got all kinds of good stuff in there (its got all the nutrients of a complete breakfast! lol) and its the best tasting chocolate milk I've ever had, so it's a good deal :wall: so thats what I've been taking the pill with.

That's about it for now. Still not much to report, it's only day 3 :wall:


here we go

okey dokey. yesterday was actually my first day... but today i decided to make a blog. i read them when i first made the decision to take accutane, so now that i've finally started i thought, why not?? i'll make my own blog :wall:

alright so far, i dont feel any different... i had pretty chapped lips to begin with, so i cant really say if it the accutane has affected that yet. i got aquaphor though! i went through enough trouble to get it, too :wall: see, i had just left the doctors office, then i remembered she told me to remind her to get me some aquaphor!! so i went back and waited in the lobby for her to bring me some :wall: it was kind of embarrassing at the time, but whatev. haha.

so anyway! nothing much to report.. im on 40mg a day. i find the little pictures on the package of the pregnant lady kinda funny :wall: not to mention how it practically covers the whole thing! haha, but yeah, it does look a little funny, dont ask.

oh! i guess i should add a little history? okay, well i started getting acne when i was 12ish i think? idk it was in 5th or 6th grade. i am now in 10th grade :wall: so yeah a while. it was really really mild, barely noticable, until 7th or 8th grade. so yeah. but im tired of it and nothing really worked. so im hoping accutane will do the trick :doubt: which im pretty confident it will! so this marks the beginning of my accutane jouney! *cuts red ribbon* :wall: ill update soon i guess!

[just for me: the condidtion my face is in right now (just for my own reference): well its mostly on my chin, jaaw line, and around my eyebrows. and a little on my cheeks, but some of that is just scars. basically theres something on all sides of my face lol. i'll have to put a picture... i wanna keep track of my progress!]

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