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Well the holidays are officially over and now we all have to get back to work and school, REALITY! Poop.

I kind of think I wasn't blogging as much recently simply because my face had a major breakout! It was near that time of the month but the pimples were not clearing up as quickly as when I first started Dans regimen! But since then it has calmed down a bit and I sit here now with a pea size amount of Colgate toothpaste on a nasty whitehead on my lip! OUCH.

I just now got done with the regimen steps and I still can't get over how lovely it makes my face feel after I wash! Its so smooth and moisturized and just feels fresh! I felt I needed to add a bit more medicine to this mountain on my lip simply because it's back to work tomorrow! Yikes. It might be an old wise tale (white toothpaste) but it works for me! And I can feel a bit of stinging so I know something is going on and that's what I like.

So hopefully in the a.m. I can get some courage to pop it! Usually it draws it out enough to just barely touch and it does the job. It just sucks at where its at because that spot for me hurts SOOOO incredibly bad to pop a pimple(the upper lip)!!!

Oh yes... I also got myself on Loestrin to help out with my face. I've been on B.C. before and it pretty much would clear my skin up each time. But I just wasn't good at getting refills and what not!

Thats all for now, Chow!


Few pimples!

Well when I woke up today my face felt fine. But dang it, within the last few hours one has come out on my chin and it HURTS!!!This is the first pimple I've had since on the regimen that actually isn't drying up! Boooo.


So today at work I touched my chin(i might have been scratching it, im not sure) and felt dryness and seen some on my fingers. When I got home it didn't look bad at all but this is the first I've noticed it while on the regimen! Usually the moisturizer does it's job throughout the day. Nothing to complain about just keeping it for records,I guess. When Im dont posting this Im going to go see how many days I've been on Dans Regimen. Im guessing about ten days or so.

Anyhow, today I started feeling another new pimple/zit by the right side of my lips. But once again they already formed into whiteheads and, oops, I pooped them. I just can't believe how quick when I feel one coming in the same day it comes out! Then it heals quicker. Usually I feel one coming for a few days then it comes out slowly and then takes a good week to heal. So Im still thinking its working well for an estimated ten days! :wall:


I think i've been on Dan's regimen for maybe a week and a half, im guessing, and it's already working! All the pimples/zits on my face are smoothed out and drying(if there are any). It's weird because the last few days when I have felt a pimple coming the next day it's already out and ready to pop. Then I do the steps and it's already drying out! Now this morning I couldn't help it and dug at a zit(that would have dried out) and now it's bright red and noticeable! CRAP. :wall:

My cheeks are :wall: pretty muched smoothed out! It looks like I still have acne on them but those are just the scars! I wonder if this stuff will help fade those marks? I don't know but that's ok. I can use a nice mousee concealer on them. I just have to go out and buy some :wall:

Face Update: READ ABOVE


Smoothing out?

So this morning I REALLY noticed how much less oily my face was when I woke up! Usually My nose and forehead are quite gross! So anyhow I did the normal routine and as I was putting BP on I noticed how much smoother my face is. It could also be the gel that helps alot instead of normal BP that is creamy!

I guess I haven't really looked at my nose, so closely, in awhile. The pores on my nose are so much smaller! At least I think they are. Usually I could see blackhead all over but now it actually looks CLEAR!!!! WTF???? :wall: Is this stuff actually helping my skin after all? I mean I know I love the quality of each step and how it make my face feel but am I really seeing this?? LOL.

If you have had acne as long as I've had it you might know/understand this feeling? Feeling of shock and just I don't even know what!!!!!!!!!!


Last week, which was my first week, I used about a lima bean size amount. I think I said pea size somewhere else :wall: darnit im getting my veggies mixed up! :wall: Anyhow this morning I used from my first knuckle down to the tip, so about an inch of BP. When It was all on my face I was thinking how in the world is my face going to absorb two full pumps when this isn't even a half a pump yet!? But my face was sucking the inch amount in pretty well! It's thirsty for good medication :wall: I just know it is. HAHAA.

So after I put the little extra amount on I was waiting for some major flakes and to my suprise it didn't even get the dry look at all. Now of course it felt dry and I put dan's moisturizer on and it was all good. THANK YOU DAN FOR THAT 3RD STEP. It's my favorite moisturizer by fart. ooops What I meant to say was by faR! :wall:

I still have zits and pimples but over all my face feels much better throughout the day. It's sooo crazy how I found this stuff and even decided to order it. It's nothing more than I have used before but it's just much better quality! (well to me it seems that way).

My face mood today is: :wall:

Todays face update:

Like I said above my face still has few pimples and zits. It actually feels quite good right now. And believe it or not I washed it about three hours ago and it's not yet super oily light usual. My face gets oily even if im sitting all day or hiking up a damn mountain.


:wall: Crap! Well in between washing, bp, and moisturizing were are told to wait 5-15 minutes. Fine, right? Well aparently tonight waiting in between washing and bp I began to poke, pick, a squeeze!! DARNIT. Good job :wall: lets just cause more chaos on my face!

Well now that Im done beating myself up on that......I wanted to know if anyone else can stand NOT picking at their face? If I see a dry spot or a zit that needs a quick popping I can't just leave it alone. Sounds gross, I know. But we all do it.

Face Update:

A few pimples probably bigger than normal because of pushing on them. :wall:

Regimen Favorite product of the day: MOISTURIZER!! I love this sh**! I've used tons and tons of other products and this stuff actually masks the dryness and makes it feel so so good.


When I seen the UPS truck coming down the road I was SO SO excited. It's funny because these products are nothing different than Ive tried before but the fact the Dan makes it so personal to all of us makes me just want to use his products!

I love love love how different his site is than others, like Proactiv(which I have used before and tried at least three seperate times and itwas WAY to Harsh and WAY to drying!!). His videos are funny and he makes it seem likes he's one of us instead of someone whos not. Proactiv, as an example, pays celebs MILLIONS of dollars to "act" as if there product has helped them and it's like a fishing line yanking us in.

ANYHOW enough of that(dont change Dan). The only thing that has even helped a tiny bit with my skin in BP. So when I stumbled upon Dan's products I was excited to try. Just because the last couple weeks before I got his products in the mail Ive was using Dollar store 10% BP and it was helping. DRYING like crazy, but helping. Since I've been using Dan's gel form BP I never want to go back! I can't even tell its there, other than the stinging a bit. But I can't smell it like the other kind I was using and it dosen't feel like its creamy and filmy and yucky :wall: . LOL.

Well I had a Christmas party last night with my new job and everyone I work with is totally awesome and layed back. So this co-worker who I havent really gotten to know yet came up and talked to me and I felt super self conscious because I have a GIANT, CRUSTY, PUS pimple on the left chin, cheek, mouth area! YUCK. But honestly last night I washed my face with the cleanser and it took off the scab(I know SICK) and it pushed all the nasty Sh** out and today its nearly healed!

I am 24 now. Since I was 13 I've had this on my face. And honeslty its a lot better than high school but people would say it's still pretty bad!! I've tried the cream Accutane once when I was younger and it was a HORRIBLE experience for me. It took the whole top layer of my skin off and you could see exactly where I applied it because my face was as red as Christmas! And this is when I had the deep bumps literally side by side all across my face. It was soooo painful to laugh, talk, smile and was very depressing!

This feels good to "write" about it!

Up to date face:

Right now my face is, like usual, oily. No makeup on. Three smaller pimples on the top right forehead, underground pimple on the right side of chin, huge pimple from yesturday drying out on left side of chin. And a few small zits. And of course the wonderful scars of thirteen years of pimple picking and popping!

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