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So my life has always been that of a usual teenage boys. Except last summer my face which had only normal acne exploded into cyst and pustule town. I couldn't believe what was happening. At the age of 17 i was having bigger breakouts than almost every kid in my school. This drove me insane forever, girls that had crushes on me turned the other way and friends i thought were loyal wouldn't be seen with me. So started my quest and undying thirst to get clear. At first it started like any teenage boy is brainwashed to do and i sent my mom to the store to pick up loads of acne products. Every thing from oil free neutragena to proactiv. Nothing worked and left my face feeling scarred and burned. I was gonna put my town of acne threw hell and hope it ends up in heaven so i stopped. Next i did more research and found that toxins in your body play a big role in acne. So i did the acne free in 3 days program and got minimal results. Nothing happened like what was "guaranteed". So after a morbid period i threw myself back in the world of experimentation. First was mr acne x no more's program. It worked for 1 of the days i tried it. But till only kept a phew pimples from exploding overnight instead of stopping the whole army. This soon engulfed my life, I couldn't rest until i knew the problem and fixed it. So after months of research i came up with a plan that fit me perfectly and should fit most other people. First, diet plays a role but not as much as everyone says. If you cut dairy and sugar, and eat mostly organic food your body will be just fine. Everything else is them being paranoid. Secondly you have to take vitamins. Vitamins alone made me 80% clear. The ones i take are 100 mg of zinc, 400mg of vitamin c, 100,000 ui's of beta-carotene, then i take vitamin b6 and chromium, but i forgot the amounts. Lastly every night before i shower i put egg white on my face, leave it for 10 min( at least) than wash off in the shower, all this combined will( if your face is anything like mine) leave your face 95% clear. If any of you have other ways of getting clear feel free to post but i really deel this was the EASIEST and fastest way i could have got clear!

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