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mui mui


Kinda late on this entry but I've been switched to Doryx 75mg once a day from minocycline 50mg 2 times a day. Started that on Oct 29th 2007, The Doryx is a little harder to swallow because it's bigger and uncoated.

So far results are going good I have fewer breakouts, still using retain A micro 1% at night I find that way better than regular Retin A because it's less dry and less harsh on the skin. Hope it continues to get better.

I do have one rant, which is I really hate the scars that Acne leaves behind, because you could be totally clear but still look like your breaking out because of the scars.

mui mui

week 3

Oct 12 07, So mad I have two big ones one on my chin and the other one on the side of my laugh line. Urghhhhh I hate pimples and I hate the spots it leaves behind. My face is still dry from the Retin A. On my upper lip I pealed off some skin and now there's a patch of discoloration. :pray:

When will I start to be clear?

mui mui


Week 2 I stopped using the Obagi system and now only on the retin a & 50mg of minocycyline one in the day & one at night.

Since stopping the obagi my skin isn't red anymore, still peeling from the retin A.

I hate my skin, I have scars all over and it just makes me feel ugly. I really don't understand Ance, what's the point of this stupid skin disease! It affects you emotionally and physically really what is the POINT of Acne?

mui mui


OMG my face is so red that it's scary, my mom saw my face and said what happened? I'm so depressed because of all this it's been one week since I started the OBAGI skincare line and I'm going to stop because I seriously can't take it. The redness, itching and it is making my face hurt I want to peel off my face. :pray::pray:

Hate the Obagi skincare line!

mui mui

Sept 28, 2007

Day 1 with minocycline, 50mg 1 in the morning & 1 at night,

Applying retin A 0.5% to the face at night

Have been using Obagi skin care line for a week now and it has turned my face into a tomato. It has made it worse I'm red & pealing in places that I didn't even have break outs, my skin seems tinner all around. My skin was itching and I scratched it around my jaw line and now I'm left with a row of scars. It looks bad. Feeling very depressed because of all this.

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