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This is a weekly update of my accutane story. hopefully it'll work out

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Day 1

Well, it's been about 8 months since I've known accutane was my only option.

About a month ago I went to see my dermatologist (I waited for the appointment about 4 months), and he confirmed what I already know; isostretinoin is the last option for you ol' chap.

So a month later and here I am! Day 1.

I'm on 40mg a day (2x20mg) for 2 months, and at the end of that time I'll go for a blood test and confirm everything's OK and I'm not shitting blood or whatevzz.

Basically, I am so excited about this!

A bit apprehensive, however, not because of the potentially hideous side effects, but because this is my last option and if this doesn't work then I am destined to spend the next however many years in disgust with myself.

If this doesn't work, my dream job becomes out of reach (I want to join the Royal Marines Commandos) because they don't allow entrants with back acne because of chafing due to heavy Bergen weight or something along those lines: Eeek!

I'll be doing a weekly update with comments on side effects.

Wish me luck :D

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