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I'd like to begin by saying that I never had a problem with acne before until just the past four months. These months were full of confusion and despair. However, after researching like crazy I diagnosed myself with hormonal acne. Due to being severely stressed these past months I broke out like never before. I was getting the kind of acne that is stubborn and never forms a head or goes away. It looked like I had blisters on my cheeks and they were very red inflamed. Until finally, I went to planned parenthood to get birth control (ortho-tri cyclen) because this is the only FDA approved birth control pill that is known to battle hormonal acne. I also visited a dermatologist and was prescribed solotyn (antibiotic) and finacea (topical gel). Well, it's been a month and there has been a significant improvement in my face. All of my pustules and papules have gone away!! The only thing left on my face is the redness from the pimples that were there for so long.

I'm writing this to let anyone battling with acne in your twenties know that there is hope and you CAN do something about it! Most times when women experience acne at this age its due to a hormonal imbalance. So birth control, preferably ortho-tri cyclen, is something to consider, especially if you need a form of birth control anyway. Also, finacea works wonders! Not only does it draw out any impurities under your skin but also fades away acne scars over time.

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