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Day 38

So thigs are really looking up,

my skin is much dryer, peels every so often - still have several actives - for 2 or 3 days, then nothing for a day or 2 - to me thats a miracle and great progress.

my hair is very dry so are my eyes - my lips are very manageable. Skin does tend to b slightly ithcy from time to time though.

Told my sister this past weekend i used to b afraid to look in the mirror but now everytime i look at myself it amazes me that my skin cld look almost normal - the bad comments and questions hav even stopped - guys ask me out al the time - wel i wear make up wen i go out


Day 27

My room mate cannot believe the change in my skin in the last month - she brought it up like 5 times.

Although we live 2gether we see each other about twice a week.

2day I was home and she jst went on about the dfference and hw much betr its beginning to look.....

that feels good to hear.


Day 26


So I go on a 10 day leave from work - its caus its jst about Christmas time and we lost my dad 5 months ago on the 23rd and we need to be together.

I'm pretty down - lots of emotional stuff going on - my face is the same breaking out constantly - its a way of life now - everymorning there's a new painful whitehead on my forehead of cheek or jaw line.....wat a nightmarish life this is.

But i feel better...like a deep breathe ....sigh and move on, caus monday will be 4 complete weeks practically a month -

On a positive note - the pimples are not systic, become white heads and wash out in the shower - my skin colour and tone is getting betr daily and I'm nt sure if I'v become accustomed to the dryness or it has decreased sumhw but its manageable.

Oh and my skin is always dry and peeling and thats meant to be good for removing dead sking and scares.

So fingers crossed.


Day 24

Its jst gets from bad 2 worse,

The dryin of the lips the joint pains the mood swing and oh my goodness the inflammed skin, pimples and tenderness is a nightmare.

I look like pimple/whitehead ball the parts that are clear are a nice clear colour and look like it is developing nicely - slowly but jst wen i think the breakout will end it keeps coming....

Millions of little pimples across y face, forehead, sides, cheeks, nose, chin jawline and my neck - u name it, pimples are there.

wat a life.....its December - I refuse to go out fear of make up not hidin the pimples and marks as well as a reaction from the make-up and everytime i have a drink my entire face becomes inflammed and very itchy - as though its pulsin from within - its insane.....


Day 17

The 2 weeks of Pedistone finished on Sunday and it all quicky went downhill from there.

I am having very oily, dark skin days and loads of whiteheads coming up across my face. It looks unsightly and hurts alot as my skin is becoming more and more sensitive to the touch especially in the shower. I have also had one or two pimples develop on my back.

My lips are very bad - peeling and from pink now it is white and unbearale 2 look at - i am so glad i have these 2 days off 2 try 2 get it bac to somewat normal.

I saw my family 2day after a month and they are so surprised at how bad my skin is - they have al these suggestions about wat 2 do to fix it and suggest i am eatin wrong etc. They jst don't seem to understand this is a huge medical condition I am dealing wit and NO i am not enjoying this experience.

I wanna stay home from work tomorrow.



December 1st marks the 9th day of m treatment on Accutane and so far.....I am still in hiding......

I'm Gashnie a lonely indian in South Africa who once was excited and 4ever optimistic about bein alive but along wit life's chalenges my skin has gotten the betr of me - i try and fail and i try and fail and i continue to try.....hence the treatment at 29.

I'v always had moderate acne nothin at al out of control until 6 months ago, I put it dwn to the immense stress I was experiencin due to work, my dad being ill and then loosing him.

But as life started 2 gt bac 2 normal my skin jst wld nt let up - infact it was so bad random ppl at groceries storesetc wld stop and ask me wat hav i done 2 look so bad or wat am i doin about it - the thing is I always look fairly ok and wore make-up so i didn't realy realise hw bad it was untl i went to see a beautician and she tld me its 3rd degree acne the worst kind and only a dermatoligist cn help me nw - I went 2 c him and even he was shocked.

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