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My name is Leisa and I am 21 years old. I never had acne till around my senior year. Even then it wasnt so bad, then I went away to college and my skin started to get very very oily. I had to use those oil blog sheets religiously. It was really annoyying.Then the acne came. My roommates always had perfect skin and i started to slowly become more and more bothered by my breakouts. I even didnt go to a football game, that I bought a dress for and everything, becasue I broke out and didnt want anyone to see it. I told my friends i was sick and went to visit my parents til lit cleared, and missed out on ALL the fun! I then missed out on a lot more that entire year. Flash forward to know. Started to take claravis.

I take 30 mg. I was Super scared about how it would affect my skin, i heard the horror stories. So i would only take one a day. I also smoke. and im pretty sure thats bad but i have had teh hardest time giving it up. And i drink on weekends. Sometimes too much. lol but i jsut finished month one!! Now on month two, third 10 pack in. I started reading the blogs when my skin got worse and it made me feel better. So i decided to start one to maybe helpt someone else going through this and get some advice myself:) SO.... now that you know my history here goes my journey!

Month one: First week my skin IMMEDIATLY got better. I was like hell yeah this stuff is great! then week two,,, my skin was horrible. I began to wear make up all the time. I wouldnt leave my room to go out into living room unless i had full make up cuz i didnt want my roommates to see me. Thsi was a major pain in the ass. I would even skip a class here and there cuz i ditn want anyone to see my skin:/ Iknow iknow super vein like anyone even cares, but that has what acne has done to me. haha so then week three it got better, i was all happy again. Week for back to breaking out. It mainly happened on my cheeks and forhead. Always in the most obvious place. I have bangs so I would like pull them in front of my face like an idot just to try and conceal my skin.

my nose also completly peeled off. and my lips started slowly to get more and more and more chapped.

Month two: The beg has to be vague cuz i didnt decide to blog daily until today but, the second half of this month i can definately blog daily about.The first part has been kindarough. I started to cake on lotion at night and wake up and its completly absorbed. throat hurts, could be smoking. but ive smoke for about a yr and throat never hurt like this befoer. Definately cut down. Only smoke randomly sometimes go weeks without. My downfall is when i drink then i chain smoke dont know why. But i regret it when i wake up cuz my lips will be swollen chapped, skin horribly peely red dry and completly hungover. You think i would learn.

wear chapstick, aquafor, anything i can get my hands on ALL the time. It sucks when im working cuz its hard to even smile sometimes cuz i dont wanna crack my lips. The cold weather totally not helping.

Kissing my boyfriend doesnt help either, the next morning my lips are even mroe chapped. I may have to tell him i cant kiss him or six months, he so wont be happy. I actually even think i dont wanan go through this with a bf. My skin is so up and down i cant really be myself around him. I always have to wear make up and have to cancel dates when im broken out. I dont know why he puts up with my shit. Haha ill keep you updated on that situation

Tomorow have to go to class just hoping that my skin will be better. Right now its a little peely, i havabout three zits on my cheek and a cyst by my ear. gross and it hurts. My nose also peeled all the way off again. I put aquafor on my face for tonight. I hope it helps it look better by morning. or it might be another fun day of finding ways to hide my face. At work tho i totally wont be able to so ill have to wear lots and lots of powder. Thank got im a girl, poor boys cant cover up their faces at all!

Wish me luck! Hell week for school has begun, finals this week:/, last one is monday YAY!

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