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I have often wondered if the chiropractor and/or getting acupuncture would help with acne. It has helped a lot in the past with my headaches. So, a few weeks ago I hurt my neck. No big deal I thought. So I waited a couple of weeks (of course haha) before going in. The chiro I went to took x-rays. Discovered I have arthritis in my neck as well as 2 spots in my back. Even when he had just done the exam, he knew I got my headaches on the right side of my head (hadn't told him that). Also he said I was having issues in my mid/lower back (it has to do with the reproductive organs, stomach, and gall bladder he said). I hadn't told him that I have acid reflux as well as hormone issues (weird periods and bad acne without meds). Also, my neck issues are damaging my thyroid (putting pressure or something on it). So... I have had only 4 adjustments, and I feel like I am about to get my period (just got it last week). Asked him about that today and he said that since my pelvis is being adjusted, my hormones are evening out. Sometimes it takes up to a couple of months for hormones to even out. That would be a total miracle in my eyes if my hormone issues could be fixed! I feel like I can't have a life with these problems, so I am praying this will help! Anyway, right now I am still on Sprintec and 150 mg/day of Spiro, which keeps things under control. If I could go off meds that would be great! I will keep everyone posted, and if anyone has had luck with going to the chiropractor for hormone problems let me know!


My skin has been good until last week. Started to get a little crazy... I have still been taking Sprintec and 150 mg Spiro a day. Last week I had a few breakouts- was thinking maybe I was eating too much sugar/carbs or I think I was eating more grapefruit. Can that interact? I hear it can, but I am going to start writing down times and things I eat/ medications. Hopefully it is just a fluke and my skin stays good!

Last night I freaked out- I was getting my first COLD SORE!!! Right on my bottom lip!!!! I could feel it tingle so I looked stuff up online right away. I put a ton of Carmex on it (only thing I had at home for cold sores). Also there was a tiny blister that I popped, then put rubbing alcohol on it, then iced the area for awhile. So now I'm thinking... I used to get little "pimples" on my lip lines (if you know where I mean- borders?) I am wondering if these were cold sores too? Kinda glad I have one more treatment to try if I start to get the little "pimples" around my lips again. I started to get 2 this morning underneath my lower lip where the cold sore is. I used Abreva quite a few times today (put it on the area under my lip too) and it seems to be working YAY!!!!!

I am 30 years old and can't believe I still have to think and worry about this stuff!!!! At least something is working *fingers crossed*


Spiro after 1 year

Well, I have been on Spiro for a little over a year and it has worked wonders!! (I am also on Ortho Cyclen). I feel like a totally different person- it has been great! I usually take 150mg a day. Problem is, I am TERRIFIED that my horrible skin will come back! I am finally able to get a life and date and I am very happy. But it is always on my mind that it could all end if my skin gets bad again. My fingers are crossed that this never stops working!!



I have been on Spiro for about a month now- my skin is a lot better but this week I got two big zits- I am super depressed about them too!! I was going to go on a date in a couple of days, but I guess not anymore... It's amazing how the state of your skin can affect your whole life and outlook on life! I wish that was not the case with me, but it totally is....


Spiro Day 1

Well, I have been on Ortho Cyclen (Sprintec) for about a month now and my skin has gotten a lot better!! YAY!! Although, I did just get 2 small pimples around my mouth at that time of the month... So I have decided to try Spiro to see if that will help even more... We will see. So I just started today on 100 mg. Hopefully this won't make me break out a lot like I have read about (in the first couple of weeks). I hope this will cure me and I can date and have a life again!!!


Ortho Cyclen Day 8

I am on my 8th day of being on Ortho Cyclen (Sprintec). I am really hoping this will work well for me... I was previously on Diane 35 for about 3 years and had clear skin most of the time. But of course, it had to stop working right around when I started dating someone. So of course I never saw him (because of my skin) and that turned out ok cuz he was a jerk anyway LOL And now I have the chance to date someone a lot better so maybe God was trying to tell me something :pray:

I really envy people who do not need to worry about their skin. It really is hard on me to have bad skin- I don't think people understand how it can ruin your life. It is so painful to hate the way you look and feel so bad about yourself. Even up until the last couple of days I have been very depressed and have been extremely moody about it. Today I really have felt there is hope again. I would like to be able to go out and date and just have fun and live life again instead of not going out because of what I look like. I am just praying very hard that this is the answer and that I can have a life!!

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