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The "All Natural Mathod"

Ok. After reading tons of info & testimonials on the all natural method (that is, using NOTHING on yr face at all whatsoever not even water for an extended period of time), I am working my way towards it.

It's really scary to think about at first. NOT USING ANYTHING?? Yeah RIGHT! Well.. after lots of reading it makes perfect sense and if it's true, oh my god, what a blessing it would be.

So right now I am going to wean off of topical products. Today is the first day in a very very very extremely really very long time that I will not wash my face before going to bed. HOWEVER, I'm cheating because I applyed Burt's spot treatment on 2 spots.

I washed my face (with Eucrin Redness Reducing Cleanser..) this morning. Now, BED!

I feel liberated! Hopefully things look ok in the morn...




About Dan's Regimen

Forgot to mention, I DID start Dan's regimen a few years ago, but I am not as rigid about it as I used to be because of how time consuming and high maintenance it is. Yes it's simple and only 3 products true, but it does take forever.. I'd like to have something easier.

Also I wonder HOW LONG do I have to do this? It's too much for me. I'm sick of it. If I ever skip a day it's INSANITY! Breakout like crazy!

So I'm going to continue using topical products for a little while longer but want to place more emphasis on diet and supplements and reducing stress. Ultimately THAT is how I'd like to get clear.



A New Beginning!

I'm 24 & have had acne since age 12. BLAAAHH! Really horrible & depressing. I've done BP, salicylic acid, nature's cure pills, basic bar, scrubs, facials, sulfur, prayer (fo real), apple cider vinegar, vitamin e directly on face, blahblahblah.

Being that I'm 24 and thought this would be gone by now, I am at MY WIT'S END!

So. I am GETTING MORE SERIOUS THAN EVER!!! I have read some CRAZY stuff on here..methods from eating only apples everyday to DOING NOTHING at ALL! Like, not even using water to wash yr face!! Ppl have gotten clear doing this!!!!

I am too scared to not wash my face (right now at least) but I know that everyone is different and I am on a FREAKIN MISSION to find out what works for ME. I WILL figure it out, I absolutely positively PLEDGE it. Eventually my goal is to not have to use anything at all save for supplements. I am so skeptical as to whether or not I can do that but we'll see. First I just want to get clear!!!! Completely CLEAR!!! Yeah!!!!! People have done it!!! I can do it!!!!

Anyway! I'm starting a blog to chart my progress. Here it is.

Skin Type: Very oily (eg: i have to use like 5 of those oil blotting sheets!)

Diet: Not terrific. Not horrible. Vegetarian 'cept for fish. I eat a lot of sweets though (chocolate especially) & (i think) I consume a lot of fat, but really its not terrible (no chips, fast food, fries, etc) but do need to eat more fruits/veggies.

Exercise: Used to jog a lot & do yoga in summer, not much anymore. Walk (like 45mins) 2/3x wk & run like 2/3x a month.

Supplements: Just started (around 11/18/09) Zinc supplements [66mg/day] and Chaste Berry [40 drops in water/day] *Chaste berry is for hormone control and helps pms symptoms. I break out a lot before my period. It takes 3 cycles (ie 3 mos) to kick in.

Stress level: This is what I think is messing me up more than ever lately. I hate throwing the word stress around, I don't do it lightly. I am however, significantly stressed out. A lot of reasons for this right now. Might get into it sometime. Anyway, I'm going to rate my stress level as "Extra High".

Lifestyle: Right now I don't go out as much as I used to. Too busy. Moderate drinker as of late, not much at all. Non-smoker. Meditate occasionally and try to be present as much as I can remember to.

Here is my current regime:


Wash face [Eucrin Redness Reducing gentle cleanser]

EITHER BP gel [Dan's] or Salicylic Acid .5% [Murad] depending on the dryness level of face

EITHER Tinted moisturizer [Physician's Formula] or regular [Murad's]

Bare Minerals foundation


Wash face [skin Centicals Simply Clean pore refining gel cleaser]

BP gel [usually. Occasionally Salicylic acid.]

Sometimes spot treat w/ Burt's Bees herbal blemish stick (just got this. smells yucky.)

Here is what I think I NEED to do:

-Improve diet. More veggies fruits whole grains, less white floured anything and sugar. I gave up caffeine for a month, maybe I need to do that again just cause I think it increases my stress level.

-Add a multi-vitamin

-Exercise more! Fun to do stuff, like dance aerobics (tried it once, pretty cool). Walk more.

-Re. Fking. Lax. Seriously, I am recently convinced this is a huge huge huge part of my acne problem. Being stressed about the personal crap in my life right now AND the acne (likely caused by the crap-in-my-life stress) just makes everything worse. Stupid catch-22. So, mainly my goal is to chill about all of this. It's hard, but just keeping a log like this helps me relax, feels like I'm going to get somewhere so that helps a lot.

-Drinking tons more water. Hear hot water w. lemon is good.

Also Going to try:

-Asprin honey mask. Hear good things!

-BETA chemical peel.. appointment at a Medspa this Wednesday.


Accutane. But thats not happening.

OK. That's a long post. DONE! Here's to emerging as a crystal clear chick!



ps: soon as i figure out how, i'll post pics

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