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OK so I have has over a week of not doing my normal routine...

monday 23rd - showered in the morning and did not use finacea before surgery...

Tuesday 24th - Not allowed to shower...... ugh!!

Wednesday 25th - Showered in evening.....yay

Thursday 26th - Strip wash

Friday 27th till now - started using finacea once a day and showering once a day... on most days

I can't expose my surgery scar to too much water/product cause it may not heal/get infected etc

So I am showering and applying finacea only once a day and my skin has actually surprised me in how well its coped.

I am starting to get some acne come up on my neck, face, chest and back but only a few in each place

I am not happy with my acne but I know it will go when I get get back to my old routine, I will have to continue this until I go back to work when I will be showering twice a day because I like to get work off of me when I get in.

Bring on 7th of feb!!


I have had my laparoscopy and it turns out I have endometriosis stage 1, I was well out of it yesterday.... Really high on whatever it was you get given. Have been given cocodemol to use but have decided not to cause I hate feeling high... Paracetamol for me. I have had to skip washes and finacea applications so I am bracing for an outbreak.

I have to keep my dressing on for 48 hours so I can only strip was till then

I am pretty clear at the moment, my skin is almost recovered from the last little outbreak so I am hoping this will be ok.

When I do start washing I am going to shower with my dressing on my tummy then remove it after, wash lightly around the area with salt water without touching the wound then rebrand age when it's all dry, letting air get to it. Then I will apply a fresh dressing, then apply finacea.

My second wash of the day will be a strip wash so I don't have to disturb the dressing more than once a day.

It's good to have answers,

I have two weeks off now and am lucky to have a great boyfriend to help me out.

So far he's looked after me, put up with my drugged ramblings, got hot water bottles for my shoulder pain, carried my stuff around, made me meals and hot drinks, given me cuddles and moved his working hours and college around to look after me. He is a complete gem. Xx


Skin Still Healing

I still have a couple of hard lumps on my chin but they aren't at all inflamed and just need some patience to get rid of (what I assume is ) dead skin etc. They are hardly visable. The spots I had sprinkled around my neck, face and chest are all on the way out now.

I think there are many things I could blame this outbreak on

1) Christmas (ate more crap, stress)

2) I was ill (crap immune system) causing....

3) missed applications

4) stress leading up to my surgery (which is now due on the 23rd january so you guys will be hearing more from me while I am off sick)

5) lush products someone got me for christmas that also gave me dandruff ( *cries*.. I love lush gasp.gif( )

I am curious as to whether I have endometriosis.. I'd rather not have it... I know enough about it now to kow its no fun but if I do have it I'd like to know. I was in town at work today at a cancer support awareness thing for work and I was looking through leaflets and overheard one woman talking about how she had had endometriosis and how bad it was before she "had it all ripped out"... ugh!!

anyway my mum has it and she has not had a hysterectomy... as for as I am aware.... mum never seemed to have it that bad symptom wize so here is hoping for a similar reaction.

on the plus side I managed to convince the surgeon to postpone the surgery for a week so I didn't have the surgery while I was on my period.... its so nice to be taken seriously. : )

If you want to learn more about endometriosis here is a link



Skin Is Back To Calm

My skin is healing and calmer again.... I have learned my lesson and will continue to apply my finacea twice a day even if I am ill (surgery recovery should be interesting). Actually I wonder whether my potential endometriosis could have a connection to my acne. If my endo is hormonal/genetic could the same pathways be involved in my acne?


it seems that lots of people with endo believe there is a connection.... its worth considering.

anyway, i just treated myself to a nice haircut so I'm feeling pretty good about how I look today, can't wait for this period/surgery/moving house to be over.

Skin looks fab, I am very pleased with how quickly it recovers from little slip-ups.

anyway I have included a pic of me today in all my awesomenessblogentry-101684-0-72644900-1324650321.j



I just wanted to rant a little, I had to take a day off of having a double application recently plus both of my pets have died, my aunty got sectioned and it was all a little stressy... anyway I have had a little flareup.... nothing major but its involving one massively huge spot I can feel rising all warm and angry from the deepest level of my skin..... i'll be needing some benzoyl peroxide to deal with this I think..... need to buy some again for the first time in ages..... Still loving the otherwize clear skin though.


feeling emotional

the other night I was getting ready for bed and decided to go through all my nice dresses, the ones my boyfriend hasn't seen me in... tried them all on so he could see cause we don't go out much and I am a bit of a tom boy.

Anyway I was looking at my back whilst wearing each of these dresses and my chest etc and just got overcome with emotion. I was talking about it being nice that I can wear these dresses now my skin has cleared up or something and as I looked at my back I saw how smooth the skin is now and how beautifully pale and milky it is. how I can see the freckles now and see them as beautiful as opposed to just mixing in with my spots...

my boyfriend gave me a hug and as he held me I just felt my face tense up and I started silently crying.

I was so happy, so overcome with emotion. So grateful, so caught in disbelief. For a long time I thought I would NEVER be able to look at my young skin and stroke it without feeling pain, without seeing a diseased thing that needs to be handled with care. I never thoguth I would be able to wear strappy tops, dresses, sexy underwear, bikinis or swimming stuff without having to first achieve some zen-like state of acceptance that my skin is not beautiful... or to simply sit witht eh fact that I hate my own body and resent the lack of control I have over such a blatant part of it.

I don't have to do that now. I learned alot from having acne and I am not sure I would give up the experience but I am so grateful I can look at my skin now and think "I am beautiful".

I still get spots but its like a normal person gets them now.

I tried to explain this to him and I think, after watching me go through this, he understands.

He has really been a huge part of this, he gets up every mornign with me to apply the cream to my back and its only with his effort and time and loving attention that I have been able to achieve this thing which is so important to me.

Its the best gift anyone could have given me.

I thank the universe every day for allowing the treatment to work so I can move on with my life and love my body without the hurdles I feel are unfair.

I am grateful for my scars, they remind me of all I fought for and they remind me of how beautiful I am. like tattoos of a lesson learned.



girl in shop

Saw a girl in ASDA looking at all the acne commercial products.... most of which I have tried and have failed to help. She didnt really have acne, Just one spot on her chin but I was wondering if I should speak to her to try to save her money and years.

I said something about the thing I was holding (I am using a wipe containing Salicylic acid while I am at the festival, not practical to bring finacea etc when I can't wash it off properly for days...) and she commented on what I wa looking at.

I said the only reason I was buying it was cause I am going to a festival.

I said the best ingredient she would get from tat shelf was salicylic acid which she could get by walking over to the shampoo section and buying vosene. I warned her to only use it occasionally and if she was having a really bad time with an outbreak to try benzoyl peroxide 2.5% gel. I warned her about the bleaching etc to start using it once a day and that you can wear makeup over it etc. She had never heard of it and asked if you can get it without a prescription. I said yes and said she could get it right now from the pharmacy. She was so happy, asked me to show her where the vosene was and then after almost hugging me she thanked me and walked away towards the pharmacy with a huge smile on her face.

that was a nice moment :)


My friend used to be an alcoholic. He never had a problem with acne until he got sober (bummer!!! not very motivational).

He was depressed about it until recently when his acne cleared up totally. Why?

Apparently he had a problem with his bowel where it didn't fuction properly. Little or no perestalsis. He got put on medication for it to get his bowels moving and now his acne completely cleared up....



azelaic acid

giving up on trying to have diet controlled skin with caster oil.jojoba.

My skin has gotten worse so I am admitting defeat at the moment.

Maybe I could refine my regimen and have a stricter diet but I have to accept acne is a condition and I would like to be clear(er) by the time I go to a festival.

I went to see a gp today who was very keen to get me to see a dermatologist, she respected my choices about accutane and about hormones saying herself she turns into a crazy person on hormones.

we talked careers too, after discussing my research and stating exactly why I wanted the treatement I asked for she asked if I had considered joining (being a doctor). I really have so that was a good discussion.

anyway its azelaic acid which is not usually prescribed... I don't know why cause from the research its just as good as retin-a or benzoyl peroxide but without bleaching stuff or killing babies so ???

research showed 15% gel was more effective than the 20% creama nd its got good reviews on here. I am really pale so lightening of the skin isnt an issue... I love being pale

my doc put twice a day application on the prescription which I only realised when I got out. I will apply it in the morning only at first and see how I get used to it. then twice for a while but long term i'd like to use it once a day so my boyfriend never swallows any...

wisk me luck :pray:


skin woes

i am on day 3 of my period and I am breaking out as usual. so I won't see this as a setback.. I always breakout around my period. :|

The new diet has made me loose weight which is nice. I didnt intend for that to happen but yeah I am loosing alot of weight and I feel more energetic.

shame about the skin though.... my diet isnt right yet though.

The top half of my face and my chest are loads better than they used to be, just having issues on my jawline, neck, shoulders and back really. My chest has bumps but almost no inflamation.

I want to be able to wear a bikini, strappy tops and dresses like everyone else!!!!! arg :)

I am not saying I am going to do this but I can totally see why people get suicidal about their acne. I feel covered, trapped, controlled and diseased all the time. At least the oil cleansing method has freed me up a little.

considering trying azelaic acid maybe or a vitimin a type treatment?

I also bought apple cider vinigar recently (non pasturised) as many people have said it helped clear their acne


slipped up on diet this week though I am still eating more fruit and veg than ever.

I ordered salads at resteraunts rather than my usual carb ridden risottos but then I ordered desert too (anniversary... so meh)

anyway I have used caster oil mixed with jojoba (about 10% caster oil misture in jojoba oil) instead of a traditional wash.

Every morning and evenign I apply it over my chest, neck, face, shoulders and back then wash it off using warm (not hot) water and a clean flannel.

I have been doing this since 17th of may and I love it.

My skin is not clear yet but it looks clearer overall

it feels so much stronger and looks brighter

Skin is healing faster

its so much less greasey even at the end of the day.

I find that lying next to my boyfriend makes much less difference now I don't use normal shower gels to wash. I think this could be because I am not destroying the skins natural protective barrier with SLS (sodium laurel sulphate) anymore so his P-acnes are not able to board my kskin or something.

the rest of my skin is healthier and my legs don't itch anymore!!!!

I think my diet will be the path to clearing my skin but this cleaning method supports healing and definately shows the skins true nature without making ti worse with harsh cleansers.

When I first started I had a breakout but it has calmed down lots. Much better now that before I started it off.

Its only 2 weeks in so I will post more, (possibly including pics) when I have been doing this for a month, :|

another plus is that I am so much faster getting ready in the morning as my regimen is one step.

Its important to use a fresh town and flannel, change pj's and clothes every day and bed sheets weekly.


hi, vosene was working ok but my hands looked like they were 48 years old :S

plus I read that sodium laurel sulphate was a number 5 on the comodogenity scale which worried me as its in EVERYTHING including vosene.

since the weekend of the 16th of may I started having this huge breakout (before the weekend) I stopped using vosene (had a weekend away so couldnt shower twice a day anyway) and since the monday when I got back I have been doing my own oil cleanse with jojoba and caster oil. I rub it in and then wash it off.

my skin feels so much stronger now although the outbreak has continued, it feels like its healing better and its calmer.

I am also eating more of a paleo diet at present and I feel so much more alive right now :|

I will do this for a month and see how things so.

Its also a HUGE heatwave in the uk at the moment so I am getting sun.

its nice to take a break from treatments, especially since nothing was totally effective.


vosene update

wooh! skins looking good still.

I saw my friend (a doctor) today at work and we had a chat.

He had a look at my skin cause I told him I was experimenting with using vosene and he looked at my back and chest etc an he said he was amazed at how much of a difference it had made.

i still have acne but its so uninflamed on my chest and face that it looks pretty much clear (apart from the jawline, I am fighting jawline with BP.... funkin' hormones!

he said the biggest difference was to my back where he said there had been a HUGE improvement.

so i will continue with this and try to improve my diet and lifestyle.

cut out all dairy, water, sleep, GI, veg, exersize

decided to use jojoba oil again as this regimen does dry my skin slightly and i think they would work well together.

regimen at the mo:

up, shower using vosene on hands

rinse immediately

apply BP to any large spots (mostly jawline, occasional back or chest spot... I refuse to scar anymore)

get on with day

home, get changed (fresh top at least with no bra)

get on with evening

before bed shower

wash hair, shave etc

maybe use scrub gloves first to remove grime and dead skin the rinse and shower off

use hands to apply and foam up the vosene to chest, back, face and massage in

wait for 3 mins...ish (i dont have a clock in there)

rinse off (especially important on delicate skin like lips, nipples and ...... private area! also any "catching" areas like armpits)

drywith a fresh and clean towel

get into clean pyjamas

change sheets weekly (need to get better at this)

definately improved, was nice to hear it from qualified lips though

I also used my new machine at work to measure his BMI and mine was lower.... haha!


my hand skin is a bit wierd with me on this regimen, I think I'll have to rinse my hands rather then leave it on for the 3 mins. This must happen to people who use it for dandruff too....


new ideas


I have been using vosene on my skin for a few weeks now, Can't remember exactly how long.

I feel like my skin is better on it, I can still feel the bumps under my skin but I have only just started leaving it on for a few mins to let it work in.

My skin has cleared up alot it feels like but I look at photos and I'm not so sure.

I still have 1 active spot on my face, many bumps and threats and fading

bumps and threats on my neck

mostly just bumps and fading marks on my chest

my back is covered in bumps and threatening bumps, with a few active comodones

it feels much smoother in the morning

I will continue with this treatment

I am slowly trying to improve my diet bit by bit.

reduced the meat, butter, white bread, sugar and only having milk out of the house now.

a good example of a change is i used chickpeas in place of rice in my recent lamb dish.

rice=high GI

Maybe I will stick some Low/med/high GI foods to the fridge next to the shopping list

right off now to socialise. like a mid 20's girl should.. no more research tonight


bloody hormones

well my blood test came back and good news, I dont have Poly Cystic Ovaries

the bad news is that I still have no answers but thats the usual really

I also didnt have a fasting blood glucose outside what is considered "normal" BUT not much research has been done into acne and levels of fasting blood glucose... my glucose was within the normal range but very low.. 4.2 I think, almost hypoglycemic. so iiinteresting

my friend (who is a GP) looked miffed that I stopped trying antibiotics and thinks I should try oxycycline.... claims 84% of people dont have a relapse after... i find no evidence to back this up on pubmed.... but maybe i just didnt find the right study.

he said my back looks worse than he ever saw it, I explained that its always bacd just before my period but it is quite shit at the moment I have to agree... but i am literally about to come on.

i also have been eating high GI, eating chocolate, having milk at work and I have stopped using jojoba oil.

I want to try the diet thing before doing antibiotics again, I dont like vomiting and the yellow teeth and the temporary and dependant nature of the treatment.

benzoyl peroxide is EVIL on my back, hurts so I cant sleep :shhh:

I signed up to the new surgury with the lovely female doctor I saw last time so I look forward to working with her on my skin

at present:

I get about 5 hours sleep a night

I drink 0-3 glasses of water a day

I eat hardly any fibre

I eat alot of high GI foods

I still have some milk in my diet

I often dont have veg

I only really eat clemontines as fruit

so maybe address these one by one under GP supervision then try medical stuff....

I am interested in nicomide as a next step :shhh:



I have decided to stop using lymecyclin. I have been on it for almost 5 months and it has made little noticable difference. I got ill in february and I stopped taking it cause i had lots of nausia and a flu.

I am having a little outbreak now but I honestly think its mostly cause I had to sleep on other peoples sheets for a week sad.gif

I went to see a doctor about whether to stop and she agreed I had given this a decent try.

She said she would refer me to a dermatologist if I would like, I am going to try diet and exersize first but I am so glad I found a doctor who takes me seriously.

I may use benzoyl peroxide until I decide what to try next, she wants to try me on erythromycin.... perhaps I will switch and give it a go.... i dont know.

the most noticable difference came after I started using jojoba oil and tea tree every night and morning. but at the moment my back and neck are unhappy... my cheat and face are doing much better than for a long time.

my boyfriend says the jojoba and tea tree has made my back better than ever....

we shall see, there are many more things to try


its been a bad week for my regimen, i have skipped days of antibiotics cause I have a cold/flu thing and I dont want to encourage the virus to grow by being on antibiotics plus I dont like taking more than one type of medicine at a time.

My skin is looking clearer and clearer all the time on this new regimen, I have had a breakout this week though as I have skipped applications and showers and been eating refined foods and not enough water.

why? well I am at my partners house, his fathe just died so I am here supporting him but I had to go and develop a flu thing. I was shaking, sweating and feeling sick the other night so I am just glad I feel better than that now.

also had some eczema develop on my arm :D has lasted about a week, I am not diagnosed with eczema but I had a crusty dry patch on my arm which lasted a week and I have had itchy legs for at least a year if not for years. I have not thought about it as a problem before but recently have realised that I was ignoring it cause my acne bothers me so much than itching legs hardly bother me at all in comparison. I have been using sudacrem of whatever that is called on my legs cause its also good for acne (sceptical..) so if i get it on my acne prone skin it shouldnt make me break out... in theory.

regardless whenever I get back on my jojoba, teatree regimen my skin improves within hours.

yay me! I just shared the info with my cousin who has a similar problem.

see you guys later.

still not had the blood test, boyfriends father died that day so obviously it got deprioritised.


I have been using jojoba oil for about a week I think.... definately less than two weeks and every day I have seen an improvement where I have used it.

Before I was using 2 1/2 year old jojoba oil put in a dropper for bodyshop tea tree with the "dregs" still in it (15% before dilution). The day before yesterday I ran out of that so I started using the new stuff.

jojoba oil with 20% tea tree (approx... eye guesstimate)

now I have used tea tree at 15% with body shop before and it always had limited results... better for using "on the spot" to speed up the process and calm the spot down etc... never worked that well as a preventative measure. ;)

whatever I have been doing recently its working! I woke up this morning and stroked my skin and it feels almost clear, no pain, no tightness where spots will be forming etc..

i have a couple of spots and mostly just red marks which will fade.... my skin looks so much better... i actually went to my friends house with no makeup on. I said my skin was much better and she said she couldnt see much difference.. then I told her I had bare skin and she was really surprised, she thought I was wearing my mineral powder! :(

my chest and back are both also very improved. :(

I am going to carry on with this from now on, everywhere I use this stuff it makes a hug difference... especially when I leave it on overnight... I wake up and see and feel a huge change.


i will still carry on with keeping milk drinking to a minimum (outside the house for coffee)

and I still intend on reducing my refined carbs to improve my health.

watch this space! pics to come soon

nb: i'm still in antibiotics so the test will be when I come off of those... 6 months is up in april

will consider using BP for the initial breakout when I come off.

may stay on it for the summer so I can have clear skin on the beach... i think i deserve that much.


i had a breakout on my jaw over the past few days and my back's gotten worse.

I have had a few starbucks with normal milk and more chocolate/sugary things over the last week which could be causing it...

the quality of my skin has improved since I have used jahoba oil so i went out and bought some jahoba and neat teatree oil with the idea of using it daily. on my skin :( it was on offer in H&B. my chest in particular has REALLY improved since I started using jahoba oil every morning and evening.

at the moment:

am) witch hazel cleanser, boots spf 15 salycilic acid(willowbark) moisturiser with 6 drops of jahoba oil (occasionally with tea tree oil) on face and chest and wherever I can spread it. not my back.. cant reach.

pm) shower and jahoba oil (sometimes with tea tree) on face and chest.

looking forward to these blood tests... apart from the blood taking part.

have forehead spots which I have not had for a while :(

thats about it,

should be buying more diabetes diet books soon

I read something recently about insulin resistance, androgens, acne and how constipation can make IR worse..... interesting... so more fibre, less refined carbs and no dairy.

oh yeah water and sleep may be a plan also

romans used to wash my spreading oil (olive) over their skin and let it sit there then would scrape it off and dirt would come off with it..... maybe I'll try that with jahoba oil as an occasional treatment?


I have some (but less) papules and almost no pustules but my jawline and back are the worst areas for still developing papules.

I have almost cut out dairy (apart from chocolate and coffee at work), drinking soya at home with my drinks and cereal. I have noticed much more improvement since doing this and I soon hope to become very observant with this

In the future I want to try a diet of low GI foods (but a diabetic diet as low GI includes chocolate and I think there must be a reason why diabetics shouldnt eat chocolate even if it is low GI) .... we shall see. been really interested in hormones and insulin resistance recently.

I went to the doctors today about continuing with lymecyclin, i have done alot of thinking and was about to find out if my doctor was a jobsworth or a true physician and I found he was at least open to my ideas.

I said my goal is to be able to wear a bikini in the summer in my 20's with clear skin and ejoy the way I look. He seemed on board with my goal ;)

i talked about fungle folliculitis and my experiments with head and shoulders

my interest in hormones and in insulin resistance

dietry effects on acne

and how I didnt see anti-biotics as being the way forward long term... he agreed with this

he agreed that my dietry changes could only benefit me in general (was expecting that)

he also said it would be worth checking my hormones and cholesterol and glucose.

looking for PCOS (Poly cystic ovary syndrome) and any insulin resistance.

which i am very grateful for :(

my doctor is WIN at the moment :(

he also agreed to prescribe me any antifungal/antibacterial washes I wanted to try... i decided to hold fire on this until i finishantibiotics/ i have read more.


still have spots. most promiment are along jawline and on my back.

mostly bumps apart from back where I get cystic spots.

i have been taking the lymecyclin in the evening as I threw up again before work and decided to ask a doctor about this side effect so i will continue this treatment for a while longer.

I have cried a few times recently about this (I get sad in the winter so i know I will feel better in the summer) as I am tired of waiting to feel attractive. I feel that by the time I feel clear and attractive my best years will have passed me by and I will really be sad about that.

been depressed in general anyway.

a doctor friend of mine who used to have acne said he tried erythromycin to get rid of his acne and it actually worked. When he came off of it it never came back so maybe I will give that a go next. Erythromycin is the antibiotic in zineryt and that was quite effective before so its worth a try.

I have also been reading a bit about milk and other dietry causes of acne like refined sugars.

I am thinking about cutting out and down sugar and milk. I read a bacterium in cows milk may cause IBS and chrones disease. I have IBS (or have had) and was interested in a possible connection between the causes behind these conditions.

also interesting that over christmas my skin became clearer.....

no work and more sleep (though not less stress, personal issues were many and stressful)

used dove cleansing bar

had baths and could properly soak skin to remove stubborn dead skin and induce sweating maybe

mad whole milk instead of semi skimmed (studies show possible connection between milk and acne with most connection in semi skimmed drinkers for some reason)

me and boyfriend are talking about taking up martial arts soon at a local community centre. maybe this will help.

future thoughts:

high protein, low GI diet with little or no cows milk and maybe something to support gut or look into leaky gut.

increased exersize....


less bumps on skin (could involve head and shoulders wash also)

less big spots

still growing new ones but not so many

skin so smooth (boyfriends input)

nausia still an issue,

threw up on the train to london this morning :wall: :wall: :wall:

it was in the toilets so i at least wasnt embarassed...

immediately felt better though still had a few paranoid waves, not enough to make me leave my seat again....

i ate a single minstrel before i puked and wondered if this was why.... sugar is not my friend at the moment in the mornings.

shall carry on with meds for a while to see if I can control the nausia until I have been on it for 6 months so I don't stop "too soon" though I don't think antibiotics are the way for me long term.

i am clearer which I am grateful for and I actually like this more than applying horrible tasting solutions day and night

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