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Cystic Acne and DHEA - how they relate

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Hi my name is Jennie, I have been battling cystic acne for 15 years now. It started when I was 15 years old. I have tried everything to cure this condition, I would like to share with you what have learned. I refuse to go on accutane, its very harmful to your body. SO in the quest to overcome this disorder without accutane, this is what I have discovered

my cystic acne started on my butt, I have learned that its moves on you. My butt is now clear after 10 years of treatments.

5 years ago, cystic acne moved to my face. I recieved weekly injections of cortozone to help.

I have been on antibotics continuously for 5 years now.

6 months ago I dediced these dermatologists where trying to kill me, so I sought help from a local teaching hospital.

March 2007 I started attending University of Miami, Miller School of Medicine, Dermatology Department. The doc ordered blood tests and perscribed Rential and a FOAM antibiotic. The foam acts as a topical antibotic, so it is NOT injested in your system like oral meds. The foam secreets into your pores only, leaving my skin acne free.

In the quest to dig deeper... I continued with the blood tests which determined my DHEA levels are sky high.

DHEA is the predicesor of estrogen and testosterone. SO all these years these docs have tested my estrogen and testosterogone which results in a normal read becuase the problem lies before these horomes.

DHEA comes from cholestrol in your body. and NO i dont have high cholesterol.

This is what I have learned...

  • DHEA high levels are very rare - cause cystic acne and can only be treatable through an endocrinologist.
  • DHEA research almost doesnt exist. What I have learned is the highest levels of DHEA are found in male smokers.

My appointment with Endocrinology is on November 5th. They made me wait 4 months for an appointment, since they must see Tyroid cancer patients first ???

I will advise everyone of my progress.

It is my belief that NO one really understands how or why cystic acne forms.

DHEA I belive is the answer to this condition


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