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LOTS of work

I haven't kept up with my smoothies and I've been paying for it. I need to get back on the ball cause I was doing well. Plus on Wednesday I have an appointment with a dermatologist. We'll see how things go....


Its been forever!

So I've been working constantly and pretty much just pass out when I get home which is why I haven't been blogging on here. My skins been up and down but it hasn't been too bad considering that I've been wearing makeup 12 hours a day some days. I've been having a smoothie at least every other day. Its heard to keep up with them because I would like them for breakfast but everyone else is asleep at 5 in the morning so I can't use the blender. Anyways things got a little sketchy for a few days. I've been on and off of lexapro for the last two months and doing that can be very dangerous. I found that out and thankfully I've gotten a full supply of it and now things will get back to normal. Also I got a car. Not having one had been stressing me out but its good now. Anyways back to the skin.... I've been using lemon on my face. I cut off a slice of one and its lasting a long time, All I do is rub the slice right on my face after washing it and leave it there. I apply moisturizer if I feel like it. Its working out well. Smooches everyone bye.


Though I've had another food allergy mishap I've been having at least one smoothie a day. Now that I'm really busy its harder to find the time to make them but I've been doing good. I have active acne about 8 and I still have cysts but that is a lot better than before. I've still been drinking but overall the results are still good.

Good luck to all of you who decide to try it I hope it helps you like its helping me.


Its been a while

I haven't written because I've barely had any time for myself since starting work. My skins better than it was after having those two allergic reactions. Its better but with all the makeup wearing and a ruined schedule I haven't been getting my pills in and I keep missing a smoothie here and there. But I'm staying positive. I've been going out on dates and I want to keep the ball rolling. I'm going to get some vitamins and go to the doctor here soon after I get my pay check. So things are looking up with this attitude and hopefully I can keep proving that the smoothie helps.


Making a come back

So I wound up with a ton of cysts after last week. Horrible. My skin was making a turn of the worst. But thank goodness I woke up this morning and things calmed down. I washed it and then put on moisturizer, no acne zapping stuff or lemon juice. I had two things that I was allergic to last week which I've noticed cause cysts under my skin. Plus I had greasy fast food. Now I've been doing some research and apparently I need to do more because a lot of the information out there is conflicting. One site told me no sugars at all ! Which is fine and dandy if they hadn't told me that I shouldn't drink juice or eat fruit. That made so sense to me. I've been washing my face, taking my pills and drinking my smoothies and we'll see what ends up happening. I think i need to find a better moisturizer and buy some vitamins. Plus as hard as I know it'll be I need to try to start drinking some apple cider vinegar if I can or find those chewable's. I guess my first pay check will go to some clothes and vitamins. Heres hoping they work. I'm also going to the doctors soon to see what can be done about getting something stronger. Stay positive and hopeful everyone.


UnNecessary Stress

Today I had my smoothie, I'm about to have another one because I missed yesterdays second one, then I'll have a third one today just to be safe. As for the unnecessary stress... I got my call back today while out walking my dogs. I now have a job and this invisible layer of stress lifted off of me and now I'm feeling loads better. The skins is still not so good considering what I put it through and I now know that fast food gives me acne with the nasty yellow bulging bump and more cysts. The cysts are still up in the air when it comes to the alcohol. I did notice many more cysts appearing but it could be the combo of everything. Stay positive.


I woke up to yuckiness

I woke up this morning to see more bumps. I know its from all the shit I did last week. Before I wasn't wearing makeup, I wasn't drinking, eating fast food. I just drank my smoothie and did everything right. Then last week my skin got taken on a ride. This week you can see the results of that ride. I woke up with more painful bumps and I'm not happy. I need to do better. I need to do less drinking/partying, less makeup, I need to focus more on eating at home and not giving into getting a quick meal craving. At least I settled the being dumped bit last night. I called my ex and asked him some questions about how he wanted to handle things. I could tell he missed having someone to talk to cause he stayed on the phone talking about nothing for almost an hour. I'm not going to worry about him, its not like I was before but the unanswered questions were bothering me. So its cut back on the drinking, don't miss any smoothies, no fast food quick fixes, keep the positive thinking on track and try to wash my face as soon as I can cause I won't go out without makeup.


Abusing My Skin

I've been abusing my skin a lot but I'm still within a good range considering my acne before and my acne now. I know I should stop drinking ext ext but the makeup is unavoidable. I'm hopefully going to get a job soon and I'll be wearing makeup to work so we'll see.

I won't be missing my smoothies though. I will mix some up and take it to work if I have to.

Thanks for all the messages and comments guys.



My skin isn't very happy about all the stress I've been putting it through.

I've started breaking out again. The new ones are stubborn and painful. I now have 8 zits instead of the 3 I had. They don't feel like they're going anywhere any time soon.

Anyways I'm not having the greatest of days at the moment so I'll be done now.



More alcohol

more makeup

more missing smoothies

more stress

Blah blah blah


I posted new pictures

So I posted my new pictures. Some people were confused. To me it was very straight forward considering the fact that the images were exactly the same. I wanted to show how dramatically my ACTIVE acne had gone down. That's hard to tell with a face full of red and brown scars so I edited them out so all you could see was the active acne. I have three active bumps in the images and one on its way, I can feel it. That's huge considering that before the smoothies I had around 40 active open zits all over my face. I decided to comment on every photo saying what I basically said in the paragraph above that way no ones confused. Anyways. Yesterday I missed one of my antibiotic pills. And I went to the bar. I had 9 shots but early in the night. I got home forced down some cereal and drank a big glass of water. No blood sugar sickness so yay for me. I'm having my smoothie as I write this as usual. I'm really glad I found this site and I'm glad all my research is paying off. Now I just to remove the scars.


This wasn't the best week for my body or my acne.

I got dumped.

I got drunk.

I ate Burger King.

I missed a smoothie yesterday.

I had wine yesterday.

And I plan on drinking tonight.

Plus I've worn makeup everyday this week.

My acne oil has a slight smell after Burger King. All that oil/grease.

I'm having extra smoothie today and I'll be watching out for my skin. I got two painful bumps that came out of no where and I think its from the abuse I've been doing to my skin and body.

I'm staying positive and trying not to pick at it.

I hope everyone had a nice Thanksgiving.


Keeping things short

So I'm drinking my smoothie and writing to all of you. Thanks to those of you who are constantly messaging me. Its nice to get on here and know that people care. Once I'm done with my drink I'm going to wash my face and then use my acne mark fading peel. Now that I'm almost all clear I need to work on the scars. So high hopes for my skin and the day over all. Its amazing how good you can feel once your skin isn't all broken out. It just lifts your spirits. I'll see about loading some new pics in a day or two so you all can see what I see. Now if there were a way to treat the cysts. Cause i still have a lot of those.....



So my boyfriend broke up with me last night. That was nice of him. Considering that we've been dating about 5 months long distance I wasn't surprised somewhere in the back of my mind. Of course the walking in the door breaking up with me and then staying to chat bit wasn't what I had in mind. I was so resistant to the long distance thing and I let him know. But if I commit I commit. And then its too hard for him. I cried a little then went to the bar. I knew it wasn't a good choice but I wanted to socialize. It wasn't like my time with my boyfriend were interfering, I saw at least 6 old friends from high school and I met a good 20 more just by chatting. Now I've got plans for Friday night. Yay.

The stress that will come of this breakup and the wearing makeup plus drinking a lot will not bode well for my skin or my blood sugar. Yesterday (minus that chunk) was actually a good day. I went and got a hair cut, a new sweater and was over all happy with my skin. Which by the way is even better today.

Yesterday I forgot to write that after trying soy milk I won't be drinking it anymore. It gave me acne on my nose. Thats ok with me it tasted nasty anyways. So smoothies blah blah and thats all for today.



So I woke up today and almost all of my acne is GONE! Two Smoothies a day for a week and I'm pretty much clear. I came up with the recipe after doing a lot of research.

To post it again for those of you who are too lazy to read back into my blog the recipe is...

In a blender pour in about a cup of carrot juice. That should cover the blades and then a little more.

Add in about a cup of low fat vanilla yogurt, or whatever flavor you want.

Then add lemon juice. You need about 1/4th of a cup a day so I freeze lemon juice in ice cube trays and then just add two, to the blender. That way its not super runny either.

Add mint about 2 leaves. If you add too much your stomach might feel weird later.

I buy a bag called berry medley. Its in the frozen food isle. It has strawberry, raspberry, blue berry and black berry) about a small handful or however much you like.

Then add a big handful of spinach. You can't taste it so don't be put off. It just tastes like a berry smoothie with a little lemon/mint.

I drink this smoothie while I write this blog and message back everyone. The recipe makes two servings I drink it all in one big cup. I find myself craving this smoothie a few hours later, which helps keep you motivated to keep making them.

The ingredients were chosen to promote better liver function and clearer skin. The idea is that if the liver is having to clean less junk out from your body it'll do a better job cleaning up the things that tend to cause acne. I've also noticed that I have no IBS symptoms anymore. Before the smoothie I suffered with severe IBS symptoms and now everything's running better than good.

I hope you all try my recipe and try using some lemon juice on your skin every once in a while.




So yesterday I had my normal two smoothies I washed my face in the morning and about half way through the day because it was oily. Then at bed time I showered washed my face again and applied lemon juice to my skin. I let it dry and just before going to bed I rubbed a thin layer of moisturizer on my face and neck. This morning nearly half of all my acne was gone. I haven't seen my face this clear in over two months. I think my smoothies are working. As well as the home remedy topical treatment. Not only am I craving my healthy smoothie goodness I'm not feeling any symptoms of my IBS. There are a few other things are are functioning better and I think its all because of my smoothie.

I also went to the store today and got coconut oil. I was told by a friend on here to try it in my smoothie. Even if that doesn't work out coconut oil has a HUGE LIST of things its good for. I will try it and bought two jars of it.

So far today I've washed my face twice (washing my hands before) and applied lemon juice after each time. I'm about to have my second smoothie...yummy.

Anyways even if my acne clear up is temporary I'm still happy and even if the smoothies aren't doing the trick I'm still going to drink them. As of now I'm chalking them up as results and have decided to adjust the recipe to change the lemon. I'm now going to freeze my lemon juice so that I can have a colder drink/and not have such a runny one. I also wanted to do this because I figured out that I need about 1/4th of a cup of lemon juice per day so I can just add one or two Lemon ice cubes to the blender.

YAY ME. I'm doing good so far. I hope that some of you are reading this and maybe one of you will try my smoothie out.



I'm so sick of this processed food allergy! I have to eat processed food to see if I have a bad reaction. WHY? Because if I'm out and I can't get a natural meal or eat something for my hypoglycemia I need processed food alternatives. There are processed foods that I can eat but its such a hard road to take when if you ave a bad reaction your screwed for the next few hours or even the rest of the day. I ate 3 oreo cookies and now I'm suffering from a huge headache and some confusion. THREE COOKIES!!!! UGH. I need to lay down and calm down cause I'm getting pissed off at the dogs and at this shitty body plagued with illness.


So Yesterday I had the morning smoothie which I wrote about but then later on I had another one. This one I added soy milk. Bad Idea. I'm a true believer in the glorious taste of FULL FAT milk. The soy added this nasty health drink taste/vibe that I didn't like. I also tried applying Apple Cider Vinegar to my skin after washing it around 5pm. It stung like I knew it would. It smelled at first to which is an automatic given. At around 11 I washed my face again applying a neutrogenea spot treatment gel.

Which brings me to a message I received on here asking me what I use. So heres the list...

First and foremost I take Tetracycline everyday twice a day. Its $4 for a months supply. Its a prescription only pill which helps by reducing my acne about 40%. There was a topical cream she also gave me but I've run out and don't remember its name. it helped another 10-20%. For the topical over the counter front...

I use neutrogena :

1: Rapid clear oil eliminating foaming cleanser

2: Acne stress control power clear scrub

3: Oil free acne wash daily scrub

4: Oil free acne stress control power foam wash

5: The wave with deep clean pads

6: Rapid clear acne elimiating spot gel

7: Advanced solutions acne mark fading peel

Plus I also have clean and clear

8: Advantage 3 in 1 exfoliating cleanser

9: Advantage oil free acne moisturizer

Now I'm not using all of these at the same time but I like to use something different everyday for the most part. I've found that my skin reacts better to different cleansers rather than just one. I'm going to toss out whats left of 2... Don't buy it people its not very good. It doesn't feel nice it doesn't clean very well and I never saw results with it. Also number 1 doesn't do anything really. It just reduces the oil a little. I wouldn't buy that one either. Number 7 should only be used on closed nicer skin. If you need to use it like I do only apply it to acne free areas. Its not good to put it on open acne spots. Number 9 is nice but I prefer the neutrogenea moisturizer because its lighter and yet it still treats skin.

If you were to only try one thing on here I would recommend 5 or 6 both do a nice job with visible results within the first day to first few days.

Moving back to yesterday. I liked what the Apple Cider Vinegar did for my skin. If you read my previous blog you would know that I tried Lemon juice just the day before. Both are worth trying on the home remedy front in my opinion. My skin is defiantly nicer since starting this blog three days ago. Another thing is last night I swapped out my usual milk for soy milk in my nightly cereal. I'm not sure about soy. There are people out there who have bad acne reactions to it and those who have great results. I might have to keep and eye out considering all the denominators have going on right now.

ONE LAST THING: Stress is a big factor. Even if the stress itself doesn't have a negative effect on your skin the things you do when stressed will. You tend to eat more comfort foods, more easy meals (fast food) you also care less about things being perfect so you might do things like skip washing your face or spend more time picking because your agitated or worried. I think that people give chocolate a bad wrap when it comes to acne because when your stressed or emotional you tend to eat more of it. Anyways I'm glad that some of you a reading and happy that I'm getting profile and album views.


Lemon Juice

So I managed to get my Tetracycline. My skins still bitchy.

Last night I rode off to that Horrible Grey box and purchased my daily magic medicine. The druids seem to be slipping. They lack character. Anyways just before I set off into the world I took to my basin and did one of my daily rituals. The cleansing ritual... where I open one of my many potion bottles and apply them accordingly to my face. Their usefulness is limited but worth the sacrifice. Then I chose to consult the big cold box that open daily for sustenance. Where the juice of the lemon spoke to me. He told me to add him to a little white ball dubbed cotton and then slowly apply to my facial area. Though the lemon did his job he wasn't pleasant about it. He stung me. Hours later (5 to be exact) I glanced into the looking glass and to my surprise. Sir lemon juice did well for his first time. I consulted him again and then laid down for the night.

All in all Lemon juice worked nicely. I saw visible improvements within hours. I will be using it again. Another thing that works is crushed aspirin mixed with a tiny amount of water in order to make paste. It reduced the redness, its an anti inflammatory.

This morning I made my smoothie. This time with only 3 leaves of mint, no apple cider vinegar and just a few more berries. It was yummy and it will be my morning go to. I suggest you all try it. Even if it doesn't do much for your skin it'll help your liver which... if your livers happy your skin should be a bit nicer in the long run.


Tale of the first disadvantage. Today my acne is worse than usual.

So yesterday morning I was out of Tetracycline. I am still out this morning. Not the best way to go about a new change in your acne battle. Last night I went grocery shopping. I always spend about an hour in that Grey box all the while wondering when the people will stand against this fortress that constantly lures the peasants back inside. I estimated that I would spend $139.00 at the gate. I always shoot a little higher than I believe, turns out I was charged $130.00 even. Its still a ridiculous fee. One day Grey box, one day. Blood sugar low and my mind giving out I went to bed knowing that today was going to be a new battle a new turning point. I would have a new regiment at my side fresh but yet untested. One of these new recruitment sits before me now. He consists of glorious ancestors.

Spinach (a handful), mint (5 leaves), lemon juice (a firm squeeze 2 times around the blender), yogurt (about a cups worth low fat vanilla), carrot juice (maybe half a cup), a medley of berries and the vile apple cider vinegar (about 2 tablespoons). With this strong lineage you'd hope for their son to be well rounded and tasty. 10 minutes after his birth he still sit in front of me untested. The moment of truth...

Tis good. Minus the vinegar. I hate vinegar with a passion. Next time I will only use one tablespoon. The spinach has no taste in the smoothie. The lemon and mint make for a good combination with the apple cider vinegar. They help trick your mind and sit lightly on your plate after you've swallowed.

Why this combination?

Spinach is a super food: It fights cancer, memory loss, heart disease, arthritis and acne

Mint is just plain tasty: It fights allergies, IBS, asthma and harmful bacteria.

Lemon is yummy to me: Its good for your tummy, urinary tract and will topically treat acne.

Yogurt is unsuspecting: Its good for your tummy, bones, nervous system, and skin.

Carrot juice not so tasty: Its good for your eyes, anti cancerous, ext ext ext the list is long.

Blue/rasp/straw/black Berries: Anti cancerous, good vision, fights infections ext ext ext.

Apple Cider Vinegar YUCK: The List is sooo long for these benefits I can't fit it. Trust me it good.

If you choose to make this concoction know that the Apple Cider Vinegar makes it so that your smoothie isn't a drink anymore. Either cut the vinegar out or chug it. Either way your putting some of the best stuff in your body. I'll be making versions of this smoothie every morning hopefully. Camera gone I'll note improvements instead.


My name is Quezya. Female.

Its pronounced K-z-AH. My mother is Brazilian and found the name in a once mentioned entry in the Bible. It means blessed. Now that that's out of the way for you curious readers... I am only 21 but have already gone through a lifetimes worth of living. I have been dealt quite a few poor hands in life but have never lost my hope or vigor for whats to become of me tomorrow. I like the rest of you on this site suffer from Acne. That ridiculously annoying skin issue that breaks ones self confidence and affects your everyday existence. I've suffered since I was in 5th grade and like most people nothing seems to work. There has only been one blessid time of relief from my acne in my life. Only once that I could walk around makeup free and be happy with how my skin looked. I was 17 and it only lasted a month and a week. That moment stays with me in my heart because I feel that I will savagely beat this seemingly tiny set back that burrows red pockets into my skin. I will beat it bloodily and walk away with my war spoils. For once I will be able to leave the house without feeling like I need to hide behind a mask of makeup. I won't need to apply this mask in hopes of hiding my hideous skin and shame. For once I will be beautiful, confident and happy. I wish these things for all of you. If only I could snap my fingers I would make this one thing vanish. Unlike the rest of the cards that I have been dealt, this card I can change. Before me stands a mountain of hurdles. I am in a bad way with little means to change my situation. I am constantly in a stormy ocean of emotions. Stress is my unwanted friend. He is always there mangled and grinning at me. Hes my shadow. Together he and my body are like one. There's another few cards. My body is plagued with illness. Acne, IBS, Hypoglycemia, sinusitis, back spasms and worst of all a processed food allergy that I only discovered this year. All my life I have suffered from these things and today I will start a new chapter in fixing them. Hours of research, grocery shopping, keeping to a strict topical treatment and readjusting my life all over again for the umpth time this year. I already work hours a day to eat processed food free, try to balance/level my blood sugar and keep from upsetting my sensitive stomach. Why not throw in more into the mix.

Tomorrow I will start on a new addition to my food/health journey of eating foods for my liver and skin. Hopefully the proof is in the pictures. I hope that even just a few of you will sit in on my journey. Maybe we can help each other. Maybe this card will go back to the deck.

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