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Well i was very excited and nervous today! It was my derm appointment for my follow up for month three of taking claravis 40 mg per day. Well this is the start of month three, which is really exciting! I have broken out my entire course so far, not badly and in fact I didn't even really mind breaking out because I could see that it was coming from underneath my skin, it was stuff that needed to come out! I had all these little bumps under the surface, the stuff you can't get to no matter how hard you try! gross i know! but whatever its the ugly truth!

During my past two months all those little bumps have been surfacing and going away! like magic poof! So now i have nearly no bumps under my skin, maybe two or three little itty bitty ones. Which is amazing because my jawline and chin used to be filled with them.

So I am happy with my progress. I think i tend to be hard on myself because when other ppl told me after month one that my skin was looking better I wouldn't really agree or disagree. I think I was kinda afraid to admit it was getting better, like I would jinx it or something.

But now, I can't deny that it is getting better! way better!

I was nervous for my appointment actually because I was kind of scared that there is a small chance I could be pregnant! I know its like the only rule to accutane and I was kind of following the rules. I was using birth control, not abstinence, but birth control pills regularly. However, I got my period twice in one month. So I stopped the pills after that so I could get back on track the next month. BUT...I couldn't remember when my last period was or when I was supposed to get my period again.

I was in the derm office like freaking out, suprisingly not because I could be told I might have a child but because I didn't want them to take away my claravis!!!!!! And I was hoping she would UPPPP my dosage. and she did, to sixty mg! wahooo, i know this is going to mean more chapped lips and more dryness and probably maybe even an initial breakout, but I don't care! I hope it also means faster more consistant progress!

We'll see. I am picking up the prescription tomorrow!

I have one cyst on my cheek, its my only real active blemish at the moment but its HUGE! The derm injected it so hopefully by tomorrow it will have subsided a little :shhh:

Anywhoo, just wanted to talk skin stuff with somebody!

night night




Day 23 Claravis 40 mg

Sooo my skin hasn't exactly cleared per say...but its more so smoothed out over the past three weeks. I still am actively getting acne. I don't think it is quite as bad as before I started though and it seems to clear up prett quickly. So even though some of the cysts and spots look big and scary, they are gone within a few days.

My boyfriend mentioned that he thought my skin looked like it was getting better and then of course within a day or two I had two huge cysts on my forehead (where I never break out) and a nice one right on my cheek. I desperately tried to pin my hair to look like bangs to cover the forehead break out to no avail, it looked ridiculous! So...thankfully the forehead is slowl but surely clearing up the few spots I had on my cheeks have cleared except for the huge one on my right cheek. So really there is one little spot near the corner of my mouth and the cyst on my cheek that are bothering me. I could be breaking out a bit more because my period started today...but probably not. I have my appointment for my second month on Thursday morning! Bloodwork tommorrow bleh! Hopefullly the bloodwork comes out ok seeing as I have indulged in more than a few alcoholic beverages since beginning my course.

I am a little nervous for my derm to up the dose of claravis! I cant imagine going through another massive blow out all over my face again! But we shall see.

As far as sideaffects: I do notice dry lips! but aquaphor works miracles. Dry eyes but only when looking at my laptop screen for a long amount of time or watching t.v. My scalp is a little dry and itchy, but my hair isnt getting oily after not washing it for I think 4 days now! I def am goign to wash it tmrw as it is just gross not to, but still, kinda cool! I got a lovely nose bleed last night...strange!

I found a new cleanser I love my derm gave me a sample of it its a hydrating cleanser by cerave...so much better than cetaphil for me I love it! I'm using DML Forte cream which I also received as a sample from my derm its so great, I only use it at night tho cuz it has no spf. During the day I use Eucerin SPF 30 moisturizer and love it.

Anywhoo, will update after my appointments at the end of this week.

Happy Valentines Day to all and SIngles Awareness to those without significant others! :(


Day 11 40 mg Claravis

So, today was day 11 of Claravis 40 mg a day. I honestly haven't experienced many side effects thus far...my lips were a tad dry today, but nothing uncontrollable. I have been having a bit of an initial breakout, but its very light and the pimples clear quickly. My skin is peely, but I was already used to that from using retinoids beforehand. So really, nothing new...

My scalp is pretty itchy...i hope it doesn't flake!

I am trying to stay positive and just put everything in the hands of those little orange pills. I am currently using Cetaphil Gentle Cleanser twice daily, I use Eucerin Spf 30 Everyday Protection Lotion during the day (however I don't feel that it is going to be moisturizing enough when I start to get more dry?) And at night after cleansing I am using this great cream moisturizer that my derm gave me samples of...its called DML Forte. love it! Other than that just loading up the lips with Aquaphor constantly to avoid dry lips.

I have gotten tipsy while on accutane twice already...bad i know! I make sure to drink lots of water before and after. i actually have been trying to avoid going out at all so that I am not tempted to indulge! And school has started to that will help also.

Can't wait until my skin is so clear that I can let me boyfriend touch my face without flinching!




today is the day...

Today...(drum roll please).... is the day I go in to my dermatologist to hopefully receive my accutane prescription!!!! Ahhh, so nervous but so excited at the same time!

I actually have been speaking with a lot of friends/family who have been on tane and all of them give me the go ahead that it was great for them and I will apparently LOVE it. Doubt I will be using the L word when I have dry lips and flaking skin...but we shal see. I'm up for it! I feel like I have been to hell and back with my skin and I'm ready to brave whatever the F*** it sends my way!

I will let you all know how it goes...I'm just hoping nothing goes wrong so that I can't start today.


til next time,



Wonderful news to report! I went to my derm today and began the iPledge process for accutane! I never thought I would actually be excited about that...but i am, in fact, I am ecstatic! I just want to get this show on the road and never look back! I know there is very severe side affects that go along with the whole accutane experience, but I am sure that I am ready for it. Anything beats constant insecurity!

So...I get my accutane January 14th and I am so excited to pop that first pill in my mouth you have no idea!

I am supposed to continue my minocycline and epiduo (even though they have been good for nothing) until I start accutane, my dermatologist feels that it will lessen the severity of any initial breakout. So that is good, I'm willing to do whatever it takes to try and prevent that one at all costs!

The only thing I am nervous about is my skin freaking out once I stop taking the minocycline and using the epiduo...ahh!

oh well, i'm not goign to dwell on it, I'm just trying to be positive about this long journey ahead!

All i want for xmas is accutane and I got it!



Week 7

No...improvement. Week seven of 100 mg minocycline and epiduo gel...and nothing. Nothing but purging upon more and more purging! GRRR! But there is a light at the end of the tunnel! I emailed my dermatologist office because I was so frustrated and feel that I have really stuck this routine out for long enough a time, and they called me back. I have an appointment tomorrow at 4! And we are going to discuss accutane! I'm actually really excited. I know accutane is no walk in the park, but neither has the past 7 weeks been! Who knows in seven weeks on accutane I could be on my way to clear skin!

Wish me luck!

Will update!



Week 4

In the middle of my fourth week on minocycline and epiduo, so far, not great. No improvement whatsoever. I still break out on a daily basis. I hate this. I have to do this for at least 2 months before seeing my derm again...ugh! So frustrating. She said if this doesn't work she would prescribe me accutane...i just wanna get this show on the road. Grr. Well hopefully within a few weeks the minocycline starts working but honestly I don't even know if I want for it to work because then I wont get accutane.

I just want to solve this problem FOr good. So tempting to start the regimen again...but i'm going to continue doing what my dermatologist says.

Frustrated :D


Hey guys. My name is Ashley, I'm 22 years old and have had active acne since I was 13. I was never really aggressive about treating my acne which has always been mild to moderate. However after turning 20 and realizing my teens were over, I became desperate to get this problem under control. I feel like 13 year olds are expected to have spots, not twenty year olds! Anyways I started the regimen which worked great for me for about a year and a half. This summer however, my friend who is an estetichian convinved me that my pores were clogged and that I need a new routine all together. I thought, you know what, she knows what she is talking about and I don't really think this is working so great anymore. How wrong I was. When I used to feel "broken out" I actually had maybe 2 pimples or 3 at the same time. Now, my skin is worse than its been in years. I went to see this estetichian because of her rave reviews and that ended up being the worst thing I could have ever done. Seriously, she ruined me!

So I went to see a dermatologist desperate to get this under control. I have never seen a derm for my skin, but I have always been skeptical that they could really help me at all because I have heard such mixed reviews. But I thought why not give it a shot. I was prescribed 100 mg of minocycline twice a day, birth control and epiduo gel. I am very skeptical! I just doubt that this is going to work for some reason.

My skin has not improved whatsoever in this first three weeks. However, I have been told not to even ask if my skin is improving for six weeks at least. Which is very much easier said than done in my eyes. My derm said she wanted to see me again in about two and a half months. If my skin wasn't significantly better, she said she would give me accutane!

Ah! This scared me because I feel like accutane is such an extreme route! I know it is supposed to work like a charm, but I'm terrified of it! I feel like if this doesnt work within three months I might try to the regimen again before accutane! I'm just so nervous!

Will keep you posted, but currently feeling depressed about my skin and anxious!

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