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A bit about me:

Name: Angelia


Age: 29

I have had Acne since getting pregnant in 2002 and hasnt cleared yet. It is mostly cysts with a few white and blackheads. Right now I am having the worse breakout of my life. It's only on my cheeks and below with acne occuring on my back and chest also. It is red and sore to the touch.

Things I have tried:



Glycolic peels

Any OTC Treatments including herbal treatments

Spiro / Metformin


I feel like Accutane is my last resort. I am worried about the possible side effects. My husband and family are really concerned but I think it will be worth it if I can get clear... even somewhat clear.

I am going for my pregnancy test on the 30th of November and hopefully start that day or the next depending on how soon my doctor gets the results in the system. My pharamacy has already pre-ordered the meds for me so that won't be a problem.

I will be posting my before pics soon.

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