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Hey :)

Well I'm new to this site, I came across it while looking for somewhere to vent my frustation about my skin and this seems like the perfect place.

At least I know there are others out there who will understand.

Well a bit about me, I guess...

Im Charlie, Im 18 yrs old and a student.

I have suffered from acne for a few years now, however, recently it has began to really get me down. My confidence and self esteem have suffered considerably and lately I have been beginning to dread leaving the house which isn't ideal when I have to go to college.

In my opinion, I would say my acne is moderate, it is mainly on both cheeks and my chin with a few spots on my forehead and the like.

Now I know for a fact my skin isn't as bad as some peoples skin out there but that doesn't neccesarily mean it doesnt affect me in the same way.

Acne has slowly but surely began to take over my life.

I constantly think about what I look like and what other people must be thinking about me. Its awful.

My mood is always very low and Im sure my negative attitude doesn't help but its hard to be positive at times like these.

So anyway, instead of sitting around wallowing in self pity, Ive decided to become more proactive in my approach to beating acne once and for all by means of this blog!

My skin care regime is as follows

AM -

Eau Thermale Avene - Clearance Soapless Gel Cleasner

Akincare Cream

Akincare lotion

Makeup -

Foundation - Lycogel Cover & Recovery Breathable Camouflage

Powder - Estee Lauder Transparent Powder

Concealer - Clinque Anti Blemish liquid concealer


Eau Thermale Avene - Extremely Gentle Makeup Remover

Estee Lauder Eye Makeup Remover

Sk:n Glycolic Mild Gel Wash (3.3%)

I recently had a consultation with a dermatologist who recommended I go on Roaccuntane... However there is a very long waiting list to see someone about it therefore she recommended all the various washes that I am currently using. Ive only just started using it though and I realistically don't expect to see any improvements any time soon..however it would be nice if there were!

I also take supplements which I hope will help-

Brewers Yeast Tablets (6)

Blackstrapp Molasses (1)

Lepicol Healthy Bowels Drink (1-2)

Prebio 7 (1-2)

I believe that you have to attack acne from the inside aswell as the outside.

I will give everything a try once!...The lepicol drink was something recommended by a friend to help gently clean my out system. I have been drinking it before my dinner for a while and nothing seems to have changed, to be honest but persistence is key I suppose!

I try to eat as healthily as I can. I recently invested in a juicer and a blender which is something I would encourage everyone to get! It makes eating healthy very very easy which is good for me as a student!

Well, if you have got to the bottom of this without giving up then Well Done! haha

Im not usually as serious as this! :D x

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