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I took Dianette for about 10 months and last month the nausea and painful, ugly boils all over my face got so unbearable that I went to my doctor and asked for an alternative birth control pill. I've now substituted Dianette in favour of Cilest and so far, touch wood, it seems to be a lot more agreeable with my body. I have only been on it a month though so I'm not sure how my body will react to the week's break that's coming up in about 3 days. For the first time in months my skin doesn't feel painful to touch and I haven't had any sickness, which was pretty much a daily thing with Dianette.

I wonder why my body rejected it so much and yet Dianette can completely clear other women's skin up?

I actually realised the other day that my chin really started flaring up after I got together with my boyfriend. I've had more than a week without properly kissing him and it feels a lot better. Also when I'm not staying over at his house I can properly enforce my regime, get enough fruit and vegetables and enough water, which I really feel helps.


A cyst on my chin. It's been flaring up for a few days now. Well, the whole area round my chin and mouth has been flaring up. Bloody hormones.

I'm trying not to get too upset. Aesthetically it's a pain but that's not the worst thing, the worst thing is having swollen, painful lumps everywhere. Not only does it look bad, it has to hurt too. I hate it when my boyfriend kisses me and I flinch because it's so painful. It's not fair.

It's frustrating because last month my skin was amazing all month. This month it has been dreadful. I just don't understand why it fluctuates so much!


Pic of whole face


My top lip is the bane of my life at the moment. It just all of a sudden flared up and spots appeared absolutely everywhere. They've mostly gone down now, but as you can see there are red marks everywhere. Had a couple of spots on the bottom of my cheeks too, which is something I've never had before. I'm thinking that all this must be down to the Dianette affecting hormone levels.

The really red spot on my chin has probably existed at least a month, but it only just decided to come to a head a couple of days ago and then became massive over the weekend.

My skin gets really dry with the Zineryt. The thing is, that's how it works...it dries the spots out. Sometimes it gets to the point where my skin is so dry though that it looks ridiculous so I have to use at least a little bit of moisturiser, then the moisturiser clogs the pores up and I get even more spots...I just can't win whatever I do!


My skin feels really dry to the touch, which I'm guessing is a combination of Zineryt drying it out, Dianette probably doing its stuff and the cold weather we're having. When I woke up this morning and went to the mirror it was not greasy AT ALL. Usually first thing there's heaps of grease from where my pores have been in overload overnight.

Zineryt is making my eyes sting. Dianette is fine, don't think it's really given me any negative symptoms yet. I've had a few headaches but nothing major and I think they may just be because I have such early mornings and get tired.

Here's some photos:

Right side

Yep, I can live with that.

Left side

That is so much better. Had a spot there all week and I just let it dry up. I spot treated it with BP, don't know if that helped at all.

My chin

I'm very cautious about this area of my skin. Had a couple of spots right at the bottom of the chin which I spot treated with BP. The scar to the left has faded well, the one to the right still looks red, so I shall be patient. I disinfected an old toothbrush and rubbed it extremely lightly and gently over my whole chin to remove dead skin, then I moisturised it using Nivea Visage oil free moisturising fluid. I hate applying moisturiser to my skin because it's so temperamental and my pores clog up so easily, but when it's so dry it just has to be done.



The clearer bits on my forehead and top of my cheeks near the nose are the bits which were originally covered in spots, whereas the the areas with red marks were a lot clearer when I first started Zineryt. How odd.

I had a lot of red marks. The most distinguished one on my chin is left over from a cyst which left a couple of months ago. Nose is a bit inflamed. I have one pustule right next to my nose but I'm just BP-ing it to dry it up. I think the reason the red marks are so prominent on my face is because I'm really pale.

Quite tempted to pick the pustule because I'm going to see my boyfriend tonight and I find it quite embarrassing. I'm not though because he's seen my skin looking a hell of a lot worse and anyway, it's the red marks which are more noticeable.


An update

Skin's kind of alright at the moment. I've been on Dianette for about 8 or 9 days now and haven't had any horrible symptoms or anything. I've got a few blotchy red spots on my nose from where I tried to extract blackheads a few weeks ago and a week ago I had spots on my upper lip and on the crease under my nose, which touch wood have settled down a bit now, but they always come back so it's just a case of enjoying my skin in between the outbreaks.

I've got another spot right at the bottom of my chin. The chin ones are odd because I believe they might be the after effect of Cyst-gate. My whle chin has felt bumpy and hard ever since the cysts went, so I've known there's probably been pus or inflammation under there and that it was probably likely to surface at some point.

I can quite easily accept the fact that my skin can't be fully clear so long as the irritation I do have is just a few small spots here and there which aren't too painful.


Stupid chin - photo


God I'm hairy up close! It's plucking out that hair which ruined my chin in the first place I think. I'll just keep my beard from now on, at least it's blonde. :pray:

Really not impressed with the whitehead under my lip...I had one in the exact same place a couple of weeks ago and I was remarking to myself just the other day that it was the only properly clear looking bit on my chin. I'm not picking though, even though there's a head. The bottom of my chin felt really swollen yesterday and the day before, but it seemed to calm down at the same time as the whiteheads appeared. It's all quite sore. It doesn't look as angry and red in the pic as it does in the mirror.



I got really upset last night about my skin after discovering even more new spots on my chin, so I vowed to go back to the doctor. I rang the surgery up early this morning and managed to get a cancellation, so I went to the doctor and he prescribed me Dianette.

I've heard loads of horror stories about this contraceptive pill, but loads of positive ones in regards to acne too. My mother had awful acne until she went on the pill, so I'm praying this will clear me up. Please please please please please! x 10000000000000000000000000000000


The top of my chin/bottom lip is numb and really sore and I can barely talk. I think it's another cyst. I'm really upset because I thought I'd cleared them all. I've only just woken up, so I'll know more once I'm in the shower and can feel the damage.

I'm wondering whether I should see the doctor again because I'm fed up of all this scarring and pain. Every single month....it's definitely a hormonal thing.


I never did take proper before photos. Well I didbut they somehow got deleted. My skin has always been greasy and although I can't say I've ever had severe acne, it was moderate and starting to get difficult to control. Saying that though, for the last couple of months it has been severe on my chin, I've had cysts everywhere on the chin.


You can't really see it in this photo because it didn't come out too great, but there are red marks all over my chin from where the cysts were. Obviously that crusty thing to the right is what was a cyst, it's kind of flaking off now.


Massive pores, but this is the clearest it's been in years.


And the left.


My forehead seems to have prematurely wrinkled from where I've used so much treatment on it over the years, it doesn't really look like a 19 year old forehead to me! It's not covered in spots like it once was though and I cover it with a fringe normally anyway.

I can't decide where diet really has much effect on skin, but I have been eating kiwi fruit every single day, drinking lots of water and have not eaten any white bread or had much milk. I have to say, I think it does help my health in general, I feel sluggish when I eat white bread and drink milk.



I yawned this morning and felt something pop on my chin. Then I felt something wet on my skin and realised that by yawning a bit of my cyst had broken open and started bleeding.

That's what I'm starting to find more and more with these cysts, they're starting to break open and bleed. I'm not treating my chin with anything but oil free Nivea Visage moisturising fluid at the moment, because I think everything else is just too harsh.

I spent a few days away last week staying with family and that REALLY took its toll on my skin. When not at home I don't really get the time or privacy to properly treat my skin. People with clear skin don't seem to understand just how much attention you need to give your face; they seem to think you're vain when standing in the mirror applying treatments for so long!

Couple of pictures:

This is from the start of the month: cysty

This was taken just now:


I think you can tell by my mouth that I'm not particularly impressed with my skin at the moment!

I'm going to use a face mask tonight. To be honest, I'm not even convinced the things work, if just feels nice to cover the spots and then look in the mirror and pretend I have clear skin!

In regards to Zineryt, I've stopped using it round my mouth and nose because for some reason I suspect it is making the skin worse. If I use it on my top lip then I get heaps of whiteheads in that area, which I didn't get before I started using it. I'm not sure if it's still working on my cheeks because I seem to have developed more spots there. :pray: They may be connected to the hormonal flare-up though, the cheeks were clearing up nicely before all hell broke loose. My forehead's looking pretty good, but I keep that covered by a fringe anyway (REALLY handy things fringes!)


For the past week my skin has been pretty good. Zineryt works so well on my cheeks and forehead, which have looked really clear and smooth, but I don't think it really has any effect on the cystic acne on my chin (but then...what does, eh?)

The chin is having a massive flare-up, which must have been provoked by my period coming because my forehead has flared up slightly too. Bloody hormones. My chin seemed as though it was just starting to clear up a bit, now in the space of a day new cysts have popped up where I thought they had healed. It's like I had taken a step forward and have now had to take 20 steps back. Grr.



I've been on Zineryt for about 4 weeks now. It's helped an awful lot in mostly clearing up the acne on the cheeks nearest my nose and on my forehead. Unfortunately I still have nodules and cysts on my chin though, which frustrated me so much just now that I randomly poked about my chin with a sewing needle in an attempt to unblock some pores and put undiluted disinfectant on my chin. It is now itchy and flakey. I did get some gunk out though, which was satisfying.

The chin's been bad for about 8 weeks now. One day all these bumpy spots with no heads turned up out of the blue and for ages I had an absolutely massive cyst which nearly covered my entire chin. It's restricted just to this area at the moment. I did actually pluck the hairs on my chin some time before this, so I'm wondering if the regrowth of hair is perhaps what caused it to flare up. Before this my chin was near enough always clear, now it's the worst part of my face!

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