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Day 11 on Accutane

So the side effects that I have been experiencing are: dry lips, face is dry (a little peeling), my knee has been a little achy, dry hair, and dry eyes. I did have a little bit of an IB. A few days ago I had 3 cysts pop up, but they went down in about 2 days. My face is smoother though. And my face hasn't been very red. The areas where I was inflammed have cleared somewhat. I'm just excited to completely clear.

Taking 40mg/day with capsule of fish oil.


day 3 on accutane

So this is my third day on accutane. I am officially on Amnesteem (i think thats how you spell it). My derm. put me on 40mg per day and my course is supposed to last 6 months total. So far, I haven't experience an initial breakout. But before I started, my derm put me on minocycline (100 mg/ twice daily). I was on that for just a month, I think just to transition into the accutane treatment. With the antibiotics I did have an IB, and just like a day before I started accutane, I did have like 6 cysts on my face. I woke up today and my face did feel smoother. I don't think its a placebo effect or anything because I did have a cyst ready to pop up yesterday but now its gone. And my face isn't getting oily.

As far as side effects, my face is a little drier. My derm gave me cetaphil to wash my face as well as some hardcore lotion and some strong chapsticks (glad I have tricare :D ). The first day I started the accutane, I did get a headache that lasted well into the next day. It wasn't like a migraine or anything and it went away as soon as I took aspirin.

He also recommended I stop applying anything else other than lotion to my face, just to reduce drying.

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