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My parents didn't really act "birthday-ish"

Normally they get time off work (they own the businesses so it is not like it is hard or anything!)

Normally I wake up and they are upstairs, making croissants and being all warm and happy.

Before breakfast I'd sit down and find presents brought to me by happy parents, and after unwrapping bundles of absolute joy, I'd enjoy the taste of a nice caring breakfast.

Instead today, basically, it was no different to any other day.

I got a couple of pretty toneless "happy bdays" and $200 (about $150 american)

No card, no nice wrappin, nothin. I wanted money, so I dont care bout the thoughtlessness, just pretty sad that it has just been like any other day (except for my friends, the time with my friends was great!!) nd yeah.. Just.. =( Sucks!


Hur de hur..

=( Not as fantastic as before, I can feel about 5-6 pimples (including that cyst).

It is my birthday today though!! It'l feel good to be able to resist the urge of cake

etc, I just hope I succeed for my skins sake.

Have been a bit lazy on my diet lately actually, maybe i'll tear up my eftpos card so I can't buy junky foods +P



Okay so I know its only day 6 or 7, but it still is disappointing to have a cyst that I thought was gone, pop right back up again.

Forgot to take my erythromycin last night, so I will take it this morning, at lunch, and at dinner, a little bit extra there (3 times a day instead of 2) but it wont kill me and maybe it'l deal to the cyst. Nobody worry, I wont do this sort of wacky dosaging with my tane, nooo way =P

Gota be off, cleansing + moisturizing time xD



How are we all?

Well nothing new to report today really.

Someone noticed my skin is drying, I actually thought it looked pretteh damn moisturized today xD

Redness is defo showing =( Waa!! O well, all for the best!

If anyone is reading, please leave a comment xD


Day 5

Hey Everybody!

Well i went to my dermatologist on Wednesday, and my dermatologist wrote my govt approval number on my script and I went to go get my oratane prescription, as well as my prednisone.

I am on erythromycin, twice a day, 400mg if I recall right. 20mg Oratane (isotane, accutane, whatever) once daily, and for my prednisone, it is 20mg a day for 5 days, then 10mg a day for 5 days.

Sugar flares up my acne real bad, over the weekend I had some biscuits and things, and I am not regretting having them, no acne because of it, WOW!!

I am using chopsaver lip balm, blistex lip balm, QV lip balm, visine advanced eye drops (moisturizing), QV Nurturing night cream (occasionally), Cetaphil Moisturizing Cream (at night, when not using QV), QV Daytime Moisturizer with SPF 30 (day time) and yeah, think thats like all my prods, oh and Cetaphil cleanser.

The dryness is just starting to kick in for my face, but my lips, no dryness.

Drinking lots of water.

Super impressed so far, hopefully when I finish my prednisone I don't get an IB :/

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