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Anxious to Begin

Hey everyone,

I'm super new to this website but I have been looking at a lot of people's accutane logs and have found them helpful for me as well as the people who have them. I've 15 and have been struggling with acne for about 4 years and deep, cystic acne for 6 months. I've been on every oral antibiotic imaginable and it did a good job keeping it at bay. However, if I would miss one use of tazorac or was late with putting on clindamyacin I would break out horribly. It worked though. This last summer my regimin stopped working completely and developed cystic acne. My dermatologist has been really great and decided that we go to the last resort of accutane. I've heard a lot of stories about it and I know that it will be a difficult journey, but I cannot tolerate having such painful acne anymore. As anyone would know it really takes a toll on you emotionally and physically, especially in high school. Yesterday I took the first steps towards beginning my accutane regimen. I have the urine and bloodtests to make sure that I'm a canidate and can begin. 30 days from now I should be getting my prescription and begin accutane. :D I am definitely anxious to see how it will affect me but I'm far more anxious to have clear skin!

I decided to create this blog to track my progress and *hopefully* get some help from other accutane users. I am very aware that accutane is a very serious drug and my family has been discussing my options for weeks and weeks. I am very thankful that I have such supporting parents as well as doctors but I'm really in need of some understanding from fellow acne sufferers.

While I wait to get approved I will be using the following:

Minocycline 100 mg, clind.pledgets and tazorac.

I would love any advice or help in the meantime!

Thank you!

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