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Day 6-8

Ok so I've been slacking and I need to do 3 days worth of blogging. Here goes!

Day 6

I noticed two more white heads. I also noticed my face getting more dry, specifically my nose. I took care of the white heads. But I'm very annoyed at seeing them. I guess I should be greatful that none of them were cysts.

Day 7

My lips were sooooooo tight today!! Although they weren't chapped, I could feel it coming. Again my face is getting dryer, but my forehead is still oily in the middle of the day. I don't know why that is though? My lower back was really sore today too. Odd. I'm also having a hard time breathing through my nose. I feel congested and the inside of my nose is REALLY dry. I must remember to get some nasal spray. And I read on another blog that using a QTip dipped in vaseline helps things too. I actually don't like the sound of this but...i'm willing to try anything.

Day 8

Chapped lips!!! Dreaded, dreaded chapped lips! The skin feels thinner, and chapped, and they hurt! A lot! They aren't cracked or bleeding, they're just really sensitive and tight. I'm applying vaseline like its my day job. The oily forehead is gone. My skin is pretty much dry all over. Especially my nose. I picked at a dry spot and it scabbed. I have about 5 blemishes on my face, either ones that are scabbed over or new ones. Very annoying. I feel like i'm in the "everything coming to the surface" stage. I don't like it. But then again, none of them are cystic. So that's a definite plus. My back doesn't hurt at all. My nose is still dry and my eyes are very dry too. I need to get something to treat the zits that have come to the surface, nasal spray, and eye drops. It still all seems worth it. I've dealt with worse....nothing compares to nursing a huge cyst on your face in stead of going out with you friends. Bring it on accutane!!


Day 5

Ok, so my face is looking pretty good. That zit on the side has gone down considerably and I haven't seen any dry skin. My lips aren't chapped (probably from the layers and layers of vaseline I lather on every few minutes) I've even gotten a few compliments on my skin today. Some aquaintances commented on it looking good. (I hadn't even told them I was using Accutane!) I think the vitamins help a whole lot. Also, I'm sure not drinking has its own benefits.

I still have a little bit of a dry cough. I wonder when that's going to go away? It's kind of annoying, but manageable, so I'm not worried about it. Today I noticed my eyes were really dry. But it's also almost winter? So I don't really know if it's the 'Tane or the change in weather? Maybe a little bit of both. Regardless I'm going to get some eye drops...soon...maybe. I hate them!!! I don't want to get eye drops! I litterally can't put them in my eyes, it's impossible. Someone has to hold me down and do it for me. (sigh) What are boyfriends for huh?

Still positive, no major side effects. Scary eye drops to come


Day 4

Ok so I woke up this morning with a very noticeable white head. I took care of it immediately and I'm not letting it bother me. However! I did notice an underground zit coming in on the very very side of my face. You can't really see it, but I know its there and I don't like it.

Also my nose was very dry this morning as well. Not flaking, but close. I rubbed in some vaseline, and by the end of the day, not a dry spot in sight. Thanks vaseline!

Seeing as how the side effects are starting to sink in, i'm going to the store to pick up some new products that help calm and moisturize my face. I'm trying a preventative approach to this whole dry skin thing. Because once it starts it's going to be hard to fix it. Accutane slows down the cell turn over rate, so it becomes very hard for skin to heal itself and twice as long.

I now use Aveen ultra calming cream cleanser and Cetaphyl moisturizing cream. We'll see if it works! and what happens to that one zit coming in...


Day 3

Today I noticed this weird dry cough i've seemed to pick up. I noticed on a lot of other blogs. However I still haven't gotten the dreaded dry skin, eyes, lips, and nose symptoms. Ugh. I'm really not looking forward to those.

Yesterday I realized I should really start taking some vitamins. I need to aid the 'Tane as much as I can. So I put myself on some vitamin C, E, Omega-3, and a vitamin B complex with loads of goodies all wrapped in one little capsule. I still need some Silica (which is supposed to aid growth and sustainability of one's skin, hair, and nail cells) which should come in handy since I've read that Accutane slows down the cell turn over rate.

And I've decided no drinking!! That's right. You're not supposed to drink while on this stuff, I'm not sure how it really affects things but every blog I've read has someone going out drinking and partying and then complaining about a huge cyst they wake up to the next morning. So. I'm off of the sauce! I really want to do everything I can to help this process as much as I can.

I'm applying vaseline on my limps every hour, I don't even have dry lips yet! I'm just so worried about it, I guess i'm trying to get the practice in? Maybe I'm going crazy? Oh wells!

My skin hasn't really changed. Which is ok because this week really wasn't bad. I had a couple of blemishes but I'd say a very good skin week so far. I'm not looking forward to the 'Tane forcing everything up and out...I've heard it's supposed to get WAY worse before it gets better. Yikes. But we'll see!


Day 2

Ok! Ummm...well the heart burn was still definitely present when I woke up the second day.

It took more pepto and ate some yogurt, but nothing seemed to work. I couldn't believe it could last this long. I started getting kind of freaked out and did a little more research. Apparently if you have persistant heart burn you should call your doctor and ask what to do. Persistent heart burn could mean that your digestive system and other organs are rejecting the drug. I called the doctor and told me to take today's pill with a full glass of water and a full meal. I also read that you should really take your Accutane with fatty foods.

Sooooooo, I prepared myself a hearty meal of grilled salmon and brown rice with lentils (both items chock full of essential fattty acids) and just for good measure ate a handful of almonds as a preventative (They're supposed to help with heart burn)

Hoorah! No heart burn. Megan-1. Side Effects-0. Feeling good, positive, and under control!


Day 1

Wooohoo! Alright! It begins...Ok here's a little background info on me, just in case someone stumbles upon this (I'm really doing this for me, just to track my mood swings, progress, side effects, etc.) So I've had mild-moderate cystic acne for a very long time. I inherited the bad skin gene that seems to skip siblings and even generations...why is that? My mother says she had bad skin my age as well, although I haven't found a single picture of her proving this claim. I've tried a multitude of birth control pills, antibiotics, topicals, otc products and tv offers. None of them had any longterm stick...so after much, much, MUCH research I decided to try Accutane. Sooooo! Here goes.

I took Accutane on an empty stomach the first day. Bad idea. I guess this was to be expected. But I've never had heartburn before and it sucked. Crazy stuff I know, but still it was my first time with this drug! I checked online and sure enough heartburn is a side effect of taking Accutane. Honestly I'm so used to seeing prescriptions with those colorful labels with symbols like "Take with food," "Take with empty stomach," "May cause drowsiness," etc. However! With Accutane the whole damn box is covered with silhouettes of pregnant women with big bold letters saying "DO NOT GET PREGNANT" it's acutally quite a scavenger hunt when trying to find normal directions of taking a drug of this type, say like...take with food?

I took a couple of pepto bismal tablets and hoped it would go away in the morning.

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