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I'm tracking my status this time so IN CASE I need a third round, I remember how long till the accutane actually kicks in!

So I've been on it now again for about 1 week at 40 mg of Amnesteem. This is exactly what I was on last year (starting in August 2008-May 2008?).

I can tell its in my system because I got my first bloody nose tonight (got them often last time), as well as my lips are a little chapped and my skin feels a little tight. But that was the most of my problems last time as well. My hair is not oily - less washing my hair! There has been NO improvements yet in my acne, on the contrary it is very bad. It is almost worse/as bad as it was before I started accutane. I don't know exactly cause in the summer (when I started last time) it is never really bad due to tanning and swimming.

Today: around 5 bad cystic ones? Other small ones. I do keep picking..it's just a habit for some reason. I use salicylic (sp?) acid mixing in other stuff I had in the past. I do not know what to be using right now. I'm going to call my derm I guess? Any suggestions. Because I know it'll turn out fine in a month or so - MY SKIN WAS PERFECT! And I had no bad side effects what so ever..minus a little bit of chapped lips and a little bit of tight skin and some nose bleeds.

At the end of the day, I recommend accutane always.

Let's see how it is next week.....

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