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After one week of using Panoxyl which I got from the pharmacist in Boots, I can honestly say my skin is remarkably improved. I havent had severe acne but its been bad enough to really get me down. The enlarged pores, and oiliness were the worst followed by blackheads and spots - some which you could squeeze and some u couldnt! My forehead and cheeks were normally totally clear, its mainly been my chin or nose thats got the brunt of it. One week on my pores are much smaller, the oiliness has almost disappeared and Ive had no new spots. I am still going to continue with the regime to ensure things stay this way. I have been using oil free moisturisers anyway, but I find the Nivea Visage oil free moisturiser to be a good buy. When my skin was really dry on days 3 and 4 I had to use some bio oil to relieve the flakiness and tightness. Im a 37 year old mum of 2 boys and my skin was fine until ten years ago when i had my first pregnancy. Since then the only thing that worked was Dianette from the docs. Ive been using Clindamycin antibiotic lotion off the doc also, but found it pretty useless and shop bought spot creams have done nothing for me. I looked in the mirror today and thought my skin looked wonderful for the first time in a long long time. Thanks so much for this site. I can't belive a walk to the chemist and £3 has had this much of an impact. Even my hard to impress mother said yesterday 'your skin looks alot better than last week' Praise indeed!!!!! Its hard to resist picking, rubbing and squeezing but if you stop doing it and use benzoyl peroxide I reckon you would at least get a bit of an improvement. Good luck.

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